Monday, March 30, 2020

Property Tax Late Interest Waived Until April 20

The Mesa County Treasurer's Office continues to operate services online. Team members remain available to answer phone calls and make special arrangements, as needed.

At this time, Treasurer Sheila Reiner is waiving late interest on the first half of the 2019 property taxes due in 2020. The first half was due on the last day of February; however, late payment interest has been waived until April 20, 2020.

Property tax payments are still being accepted, and payments can be made online, by mail or at the drop box located just outside the 6th Street entrance of the old Mesa County Courthouse, 544 Rood Ave.

Contact information for the Treasurer's Office:
Mailing Address: Department 5027; P.O. Box 20,000; Grand Junction, CO 81502-5001
Phone: 970-244-1824

Friday, March 27, 2020

Update: Mesa County Composting and Hazardous Waste Collection Facilities Close to the Public

The Organic Materials Composting Facility (Composting) and the Hazardous Waste Collection Facility (HHW) are temporarily closed to the public until further notice.

Mesa County businesses who rely on the services provided by Composting and HHW will continue to have access to services.

The closures aim to protect our most vulnerable residents and to ensure the long-term availability of landfill services.

If you have questions on how to dispose of your waste correctly, please call the Mesa County Landfill at 970-241-6846.

Thank you for your patience as we work through this together. For more information, visit

Thursday, March 26, 2020

County Administrator Declares Local Disaster Emergency for COVID-19 Pandemic

Mesa County today declared a Local Disaster Emergency in the unincorporated area of Mesa County, Colorado, due to the presence and impact of COVID-19.

The declaration activates the response and recovery aspects of all County emergency plans. It temporarily authorizes the suspension of necessary standard County policies to ensure timely and adequate resource allocation to meet emergency response needs.

“The purpose of this Local Disaster Emergency declaration is to allow the County to cut all the red tape,” Mesa County Administrator Pete Baier said. “We want to clear the way and prioritize all economic and emergency response efforts aimed at protecting our community.”

The Mesa County Board of County Commissioners will ratify the declaration within the next seven days.

For up-to-date information on COVID-19, visit

Palisade Plunge Made Significant Progress

In the past two weeks, significant progress has been made on the Palisade Plunge Trail. The work occurs outside, allowing workers to maintain safe social distancing.

However, other challenges for the work crew include Mother Nature.
In recent weeks they have battled rainy weather, steep terrain, and lengthy commutes, but isn't that what we love about living in Western Colorado? Despite the recent conditions, trail crews have managed to complete 3,220-feet of new trail.
If you've been keeping track of the mile markers, the work crew is now at trail milepost 28.7. Hearing from the work crew members, they report the terrain to create the Palisade Plunge Trail continues to get steeper and is becoming rockier and more vegetated. Work requires a lot of excavation and handwork on steep slopes to build a bench large enough to accommodate a safe width of the trail.
The daily hike for the trail crew has become over an hour and a half in each direction. To mitigate this, the trail crew has begun making use of the very activity this trail is meant to promote—mountain biking. These trail crew workers are passionate about the creation of this outdoor recreation entity, why not test it out themselves? By bringing their own mountain bikes, the crew has shortened their trail commute. Riding the trail has also allowed the crew to test it out and make any necessary adjustments to ensure it's an enjoyable ride once it opens to the public. We call this a win-win.
To date, a total of just over 12 miles of finished trail is complete, and a total of about 0.19 miles of rough-cut trail remains to be hand finished. This leaves just short of 5 miles to go before completion of Phase 1 of the Palisade Plunge Trail. Phase 2 of the trail will begin this year as weather permits.

Mesa County and other agency partners are working with Mesa County Search & Rescue (MCSAR) to craft a plan for emergency situations, including identifying helicopter landing zones and roadway access points. This has been challenging due to the remoteness of the trail and limited access points. However, this is a challenge MCSAR has managed before.

All Palisade Plunge agency partners continue to discuss sign design and content for both phases of the project. Once finalized, these signs will be installed at the predetermined locations along the trail.

Community Development Departments Modify Hours

Mesa County Community Development Departments (Building, Code Compliance, OWTS, and Planning) are operating with modified services to reduce in-person contact and to provide a safe working environment for both our customers and staff.

Note: The following are the most efficient ways to connect with our staff in a timely manner.
  • To reduce wait times, email communication is encouraged for all divisions at
  • Building & OWTS Inspections are operational - Activate the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system by dialing 970-256-1564.
  • MCCS Lobby – The Community Development front counter is available by appointment only. Email to schedule your appointment.
    • Drop offs are available from 8a.m. to 5p.m., Monday through Friday, through the first counter window - please slide your paperwork through.
    • Traditional over the counter permits can be emailed or dropped off, then simply schedule an appointment for pick-up.

Please call us at (970) 244-1636 or visit our online services for more information. Our website is Other resources can be found on the County’s website, to include information on modified department hours and services across the County. 

Your patience and understanding are appreciated.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Updated Information: Mesa County Parks Remain Open for Walking or Exercising

Mesa County parks remain open for walking or exercising in with appropriate social distancing.

Updated Information on April 1, 2020:

Mesa County Facilities and Parks are following the guidance and recommendations of Mesa County Health Public (MCPH) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) by implementing closure of sports fields, pavilions, playgrounds, volleyball and basketball courts, skate and inline facilities at all Mesa County parks through April 30, 2020.

County parks remain open for walking or exercising with appropriate social distancing.

"We closed recreational amenities only, through April 30, based on the recommendations of Public Health and the CDC," Parks and Fairground Director Greg Linza said. "The park sidewalks and trails remain open for people to use for exercise."

"Mesa County requests that you respect social distancing guidelines while enjoying the parks," Linza added.

Closures can be extended and are subject to change based on the recommendation of MCPH and the CDC.

Pavilions / Restrooms / Playgrounds / Courts & Skate Facility Closures:
  • Long Family Memorial Park areas listed above
    • Mt. Garfield restroom facility will remain open to the public.
  • Lions Park pavilions and playgrounds
  • Lions Park seasonal restrooms
  • Lynwood Park playground
  • Village Nine Park playground

Park Field Closures:
All Mesa County Park Fields to any sports play, practice, or groups 10 or more.

  • Long Family Memorial Park
  • Veterans Memorial Park
  • Lion Park
  • Lynwood Park
  • Village Nine Park
  • Kimwood Park
  • Rocky Mountain Elementary Park

The City of Grand Junction Parks & Recreation office will issue refunds of pavilion rentals for Long Family Memorial Park. Please click on the attached link for further information or visit

Published on March 24, 2020.

Mesa County Facilities and Parks are following the guidance and recommendations of Mesa County Health Public and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) by closing recreational facilities for the next 30 days.

Closures could be extended and are subject to change based on the recommendation of those official agencies.

Facility Closures for Mesa County include:
  • Long Family Memorial Park Pavilions
  • Long Family Memorial Park Grand Mesa Restroom Facility
  • Lions Park Pavilions
  • Lions Park Seasonal Restrooms
The Mt. Garfield restroom at Long Family Memorial Park will remain open to the public at this time.

Park Closures for Mesa County include:
  • All Mesa County Parks/Fields to any sports, play, practice or groups (10 or more)
  • Long Family Memorial Park
  • Veterans Memorial Park
  • Lion Park
  • Lynwood Park
  • Village Nine Park
  • Kimwood Park
  • Rocky Mountain Elementary School Park

The City of Grand Junction Parks and Recreation office will issue refunds of pavilion rentals for Long Family Memorial Park.

The National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) 

Mesa County Solid Waste Management Campus Adjusts Public Hours

Effective Wednesday, March 25, 2020, the Mesa County Solid Waste Management Campus will make the following changes to the services offered:

The Hazardous Waste Collection Facility hours have been reduced, and the Reuse Program will be suspended until further notice. The facility is open for residential drop-off on Saturdays only from 8 a.m. to 4:15 p.m.  The facility will continue to take appointments for businesses that are Very Small Quantity Generators (VSQGs). As a reminder, e-waste cannot be disposed of in the landfill. However, companies such as Waste Management and CORRecycling accept e-waste.

The Organic Materials Composting Facility hours have been reduced. The facility is open for residential drop-off on Saturdays only from 8 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. Businesses may bring green waste to the landfill for free. Bulk purchases of Mesa Magic Compost can be made at the landfill. Bagged Mesa Magic Compost is available at Chelsea’s Nursery, Bookcliff Gardens, Valley Grown Nursery, Mt. Garfield Greenhouse, Orchard Mesa True Value, Peach Tree True Value, Fruita True Value, the Fruita Co-Op, and the Palisade Co-Op. Many of these businesses are offering drive-through and curbside sales.

The Mesa County Landfill and transfer stations will remain open to the public. However, it is strongly recommended that residents limit their visits and utilize commercial waste haulers whenever possible.

All Solid Waste Management Campus tours have been suspended. If you have a tour scheduled before April 30, please call 970-241-6846 to reschedule.

The Mesa County Solid Waste Management team is actively following the advice of our public health officials, and we will respond to escalated situations as needed. Hours and services can change at any time.