Monday, February 24, 2014

Go Code Colorado!

Coders, computer scientists and other tech savvy folks:

Go Code Colorado is an apps challenge designed to make public data more accessible and user-friendly. Teams of developers and entrepreneurs across the state will compete to solve business problems and grow our economy, by building apps that will help Colorado companies thrive.
Go Code Colorado is a way to show us how to use the data the State of Colorado collects and manages

The Mission?

Make our economy stronger by engaging Coloradans and creating tools of value for Colorado businesses.
Recognize what government, businesses, and Coloradans are good at, and bring them all together to produce B2B apps.
Make public data available to the people that own it – that’s you, Colorado.

Build apps. Build business. Build Colorado.

Check out all the pertinent info on at and get your plan together. Mesa County is a hot spot for technology innovation. Let's have someone local win this contest while providing a useful transparency tool to Colorado's residents.

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