Monday, February 24, 2014

Public Hearing Items of Interest - 2/24/14

In today's public hearing there were several interesting items discussed with the Board. Two of the highlights were the presentation of two different grant applications to Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO). GOCO grants money from lottery ticket sales for approved outdoor development opportunities. Today the Board considered a grant request for $350,000 for major improvements to the Fairgrounds at Veteran's Memorial Park. These improvement are directly inline with the previously adopted Master Plan of the Fairgrounds, a plan to help increase economic development on Orchard Mesa through Fairground events. The specific improvements this grant would fund would include a new regional equestrian and livestock center as well as a BMX sports venue. These are exciting projects for the future of the Fairgrounds. This GOCO grant will be awarded in early June.

The other notable GOCO grant request was on behalf of Canyonview Vineyard Church to put in a pavilion at a Kimwood Park in Clifton. The request is for a mini-grant in the amount of $42,000. This will be a great benefit to community users of that park. Several people spoke in support of this project... and now that the leg work is done and the application request approved, it is up to GOCO to dole out the blessings!

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