Monday, May 19, 2014

Grand Valley Transit (GVT) West Facility Approved

Today during an Administrative Public Hearing, Mesa County Commissioners approved a $2.2 million dollar contract with Ford Construction Company for construction of the Grand Valley Transit (GVT) West Transfer Facility at 612 24 1/2 Road in Grand Junction. This facility will include a Park and Ride lot and bus transfer facility connecting people and services to places outside the region along with making north-south/east-west connections within the Grand Valley.

Construction will start in the spring of 2014 and scheduled to open January 2015.

Funding for this project included: FTA - $2,1213,431; CDOT's 'FASTER' - $800,000; GVT Local Intergovernmental Agreement - $200,000.

For further information, please visit / click 'Grand Valley Transit (GVT) West Transfer Facility.'

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