Tuesday, June 10, 2014

West Salt Creek Landslide Response Changes Command

Oversight for West Salt Creek landslide transitions to Mesa County Operations

On Friday, June 6, 2014, official oversight and command of the West Salt Creek landslide transitioned from Unified Command with Mesa county Sheriff's Office and the US Forest Service to Operational Command by Mesa County Public Works. Peter Baier, Mesa County’s Deputy Administrator for Operations, has been appointed to oversee the ongoing activity and monitoring at the West Salt Creek landslide area.

With the change in operational command, officials are transitioning point of communication. From May 26 through June 6, 2014, the Mesa County Joint Information Center and Heather Benjamin, Mesa County Sheriff’s Office lead public information officer, coordinated the communications during the emergency response. Effective June 10, first point of communication will be Mesa County Administration, Victoria Patsantaras, lead public information officer.

Media updates will be provided weekly, or as may be required by conditions. Please see this news blog http://blog.mesacounty.us/ and Mesa County government social media pages: www.facebook.com/mesacounty, https://twitter.com/mesacountynews.

Additionally, information links relating to the landslide may be found at Mesa County government’s web page, http://www.mesacounty.us/West-Salt-Creek-Landslide/.

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