Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Mesa County Policy Prohibiting Threats, Violence and Intimidating Behaviors

Imagining violence in any public place is chilling. Yet occurrence of workplace tragedies throughout the country makes it abundantly clear a community could face such a reality.

Proactively, the Mesa County Commissioners engaged in creating a policy that focuses on the importance of providing a safe working environment for employees and for citizens who frequent Mesa County facilities.

Revisions to the policy allow County leaders to design workplace safety programs and to act in ways to “strive to maintain an environment free from intimidation, threats or violent acts”. Although originally adopted in early 2014, on July 21, 2014 Mesa County Board of Commissioners amended policy to add some clarity where the original might have left some questions. The revised policy still focuses on the ongoing County-wide effort to provide a safe working environment for employees and the citizens who frequent Mesa County facilities.

The policy states Mesa County employees and members of the public “are not permitted to behave in intimidating, threatening or hostile manners, determined in the sole and absolute discretion of Mesa County, in any Mesa County public building or programs. Persons displaying these behaviors will be asked to leave the building….”

Additionally, a notice may be posted in county buildings:
To maintain a fair, safe environment - Intimidating, Threatening or Violent Behaviors are PROHIBITED in this building.

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