Thursday, July 24, 2014

Overlay, Chip Seal and Other road Projects for Week of July 28th

Mesa County Department of Public Works scheduled overlay, concrete replacement and chip seal work for the week of July 28th. Expect delays and use alternate routes as necessary.

Concrete Replacement 
  • Cedar Pl 
  • Parkway Dr 
  • Eastwood Dr 
  • Eastwood Pl 
  • 20.00 Rd M.00 Rd to N.00 Rd 
  • N.00 Rd 19.00 Rd to 20.00 Rd 
  • M.00 Rd 19.00 Rd to 20.00 Rd 
Chip Seal 
  • S.00 Rd 8.00 Rd W. to 4.00 Rd 
  • 12.00 Rd Hwy 50 to M.00 Rd 
  • 15.00 Rd P.00 Rd to Q.00 Rd 
  • 17.50 Rd K.60 Rd to M.00 Rd 
This project is scheduled to be completed mid-August. 
  • Reconstruction of F.75 Rd 30.00 Rd to 30.50 Rd
For more details, please see the attached Notice.

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