Friday, October 17, 2014

Commissioners' letters of support and request for action

Mesa County Commissioners’ letters of support and request for action this week:

Secretary Jewell, Department of the Interior, Washington DC: Roan Plateau, potential settlement of litigation involving Barrett Corporation, BLM and others.
“….On behalf of the citizens of Mesa County, the Board of County Commissioners respectfully request that the finalization of any legal settlement between plaintiffs and Bill Barrett Corporation, BLM and others includes specific provision that Mesa County, Colorado is held harmless for repaying any amounts that may be connected with the settlement of the above referenced litigation...”

Representative Tipton: Roan Plateau, potential settlement of litigation involving Barrett Corporation, BLM and others.
“…Mesa County supports settlement contingent upon the State legislature approving State payment and holding Mesa County, and other local jurisdictions, harmless.
We anticipate that you will include the above sentiments in your letters urging support of, and implementation of any agreement related to the Roan Plateau issue...”

Colorado Water Conservation Board: Comments on the draft State Water Plan.
“…On behalf of Mesa County residents, the Mesa County Commissioners thank you for your work and attention to the critical matter of preserving water for Colorado communities.
Mesa County sits in both the Gunnison Basin and the Colorado Basin….
The mainstem of the Colorado River, as it bisects Mesa County, is the lifeline of our community, our economy, our environment and our entire culture. The very senior water rights associated with the Colorado River diversions in Mesa County are legally established entitlements and must be recognized, respected and fully protected in the development of the Draft Colorado Water Plan…”

Colorado Tourism Office: Palisade Chamber of Commerce, Fruit & Wine Byway, grant application.
“…Mesa County Commissioners applaud the collaborative efforts of our community and fully support the Palisade Chamber of Commerce’s efforts on the Palisade Fruit & Wine Byway. We urge the Tourism Office to award the requested grant to Palisade Chamber of Commerce.”

Colorado Parks & Wildlife: Western Slope ATV Association, grant application.
“…We believe that supporting this type of grant request is not only important to the recreating public, but that the dollars generated by the recreationists help Mesa County’s economy.
We understand that a large portion of the grant funds would be used to provide annual maintenance to portions of the trail systems that experience erosion problems and resource damage, which then can become dangerous for the users. We appreciate and applaud WSATVA for taking time to care for and improve the areas it uses for recreation…”

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