Wednesday, October 22, 2014

New TV Channel for Local Government

MESA COUNTY, COLO October 22, 2014 - Mesa County's Government Cable Access Channel 12 will be Charter station #191 after October 28, 2014.

Programming on Channel 191 includes: 
  • Governmental Decision Making programs
    County Administrative Public Hearing broadcasts (live and pre-recorded), City Council Meetings, City Planning Commission Meetings, Mesa County Land Use Hearings (live and pre-recorded) and other special forums. 
  • Community information and community affairs
    Crime prevention, environmental, public safety and neighborhood information.
  • Cooperative/Community Programming
    School events/information, performing arts, recreation activities, family, senior citizen, health and educational programs that promote the mission of any Mesa County department. This also includes programs that would be of special interest during a particular time-frame, such as; ballot and voting information and community events.

Check us out on the web at 
or go to, and click on "I'm looking for...Channel 191"

Mesa County provides staff support of this channel with the goal of educating, supporting families, and encouraging community involvement. 

For further detail, see the attached summary of the history of Mesa County's Government Access Channel.

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