Monday, February 10, 2014


The Search for a New County Attorney Starts Today

Change is coming to Mesa County. After 30 years under the leadership of Lyle Dechant, Mesa County will be hiring a new county attorney.

The process will include finding an attorney with at least 8 years of experience (4 years practicing in Colorado,) has appropriate education and managerial experience, and is able to research and analyze sensitive issues while offering best recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners. The next attorney will be well versed in issues of importance to western Colorado and Mesa County, including water rights, public land issues and oil and gas development.

We expect the transition to take no longer than 3 months. Chief Assistant County Attorney, Dave Frankel has been named acting County Attorney through this transition.  In the meantime, the office will be staffed by 6 experienced county attorneys.

Please be in contact with Ryan Cook,, to help coordinate questions and information during this time.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Public Hearing - 2/10/14

Wanted to encourage you to come to our public hearing in the morning. Will be discussing several interesting things and you can have a voice on the decision process. Tomorrow will be discussing the board's new appointee to the Airport Authority Board, as well as appointing Dave Frankel as the acting county attorney. Finally the board will review it's plan and criteria to search for and hire the next county attorney. Hope to see you there.