Thursday, February 19, 2015

Upcoming Mesa County road closures


Several roads will be closed in the coming weeks for culvert replacements:

  • 1156 23 Road, Feb. 23-March 20
  • 1911 L Road, Feb. 23-27
  • 199 Lumley Drive, Feb. 24-25
  • 349 33 Road, Feb. 26-27

  • A culvert is a structure that allows water to drain and flow under a road rather than pooling on top of it.

    The repairs are part of Mesa County Road and Bridge's work to maintain roads in Mesa county. In all, Road and Bridge takes care of more than 1,400 miles of road, more than 200 major bridges, 250 minor structures, 250 cattle guards and more than 4,000 other sub-surface structures such as culverts and sub-surface drainage. 

    For more information on Mesa County Road and Bridge, go here.

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