Monday, March 9, 2015

Grand Valley Transit named 'Best of the Best'

Among the more than 130 national and international divisions operated by MV Transportation, Grand Valley Transit (GVT) has been named 2014 “Best of the Best” in the small division category. 

From 2013 to 2014, GVT had a:
  • 17 percent improvement in Total Accident Frequency Rate
  • 61 percent reduction in Preventable Accident Frequency Rate
  • 72.5 percent improvement in preventable claims
  • 72 percent improvement in Injury Frequency Rate
“This award is a great accomplishment for GVT but more importantly for our drivers and staff,” said Todd Hollenbeck, Mesa County Regional Transportation Planning Director.  “Without their continuous dedication, improvement and commitment to safety, we would not have the great transit system that we have.”

MV Transportation officials will be in Grand Junction this week to celebrate with GVT.

What: Celebration of GVT’s outstanding safety performance in 2014
When: Wednesday, March 11, from 9 a.m. – noon
Where: GVT Downtown Transfer Station MV offices, 525 S. 6th St., first floor
Who: Senior MV Transportation officials and local GVT supervisors and drivers

GVT provides approximately 3,000 passenger trips each day, which adds up to nearly 1 million passenger trips each year. This is the 15th year GVT has provided transportation to residents and visitors of the Grand Valley.

GVT is governed by the Grand Valley Regional Transportation Committee. Operations have been provided under contract by MV Transportation since 2012. 

For more information on GVT, go here

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