Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Commissioners talk topics of interest with Orchard Mesa residents

The Mesa County Board of Commissioners met with Orchard Mesa residents Monday, April 13, to discuss topics of interest to the residents. 

An informal but wide-ranging discussion was held including topics such as alternative energy, challenging intersections and future plans for the Mesa County Fairgrounds. 

A small group of residents attended, which allowed for direct conversation with all three Commissioners and County Administrator Frank Whidden.  

The residents said they appreciate Mesa County's investment in and support of the Fairgrounds, especially the new covered equestrian arena and the world-class BMX track currently under construction.  

The community members also noted what an asset Fairgrounds Manager Jo Carole Haxel has been to the community.  

In addition, the residents expressed support for the return of motor sports to the Fairgrounds, and also requested that bathroom facilities and a concession stand be added to the BMX venue.

The Commissioners take community members' input seriously and enjoyed the opportunity to meet with the Orchard Mesa residents. 

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