Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Alanco is working to address odor problem at Deer Creek

Alanco Energy officials are actively working to address the odor issue at the Deer Creek wastewater disposal facility in Whitewater, Mesa County officials said this week.

On Monday, Mesa County Commissioners received an update during Public Hearing from Mesa County Planning Division Director Linda Dannenberger, planner Randy Price and Mesa County Health Department Executive Director Jeff Kuhr.

On Friday, Alanco treated two ponds with 6,000 gallons of sodium hypochlorite solution, the same chemical as household chlorine bleach and what is used in swimming pools. The plan was to treat the ponds again today and Thursday and then assess the effectiveness of the treatment.

The county's planning division on Friday sent Alanco a letter requesting a written plan for treatment moving forward, test results sent to the county regularly, a public meeting within the next two weeks and testing by the end of May of the Deer Creek drainage water to ensure that produced water has not entered the drainage water.

The ponds are not being aerated because aeration would interfere with the chlorine treatment - and spread the odor.

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