Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Commissioners ask for extension to comment on travel plan

Mesa County Commissioners today sent a letter to Colorado's director of the Bureau of Land Management, asking for a longer review period for the Travel Management Plan.

The travel plan is part of the BLM's Proposed Resource Management Plan for the Grand Junction field office that was issued last month.

The specific route designations in the travel plan are appealable only after a Record of Decision for the plan has been signed. Records of Decision for the Travel Management Plan and the Resource Management Plan do not have to be signed at the same time.

"We believe separation of the two RODs will minimize confusion with the public and could result in a vast reduction of the number of appeals filed on the TMP after the ROD is signed," the Commissioners wrote.

The Commissioners in their letter are requesting the BLM delay the approval of a Record of Decision for the Travel Management Plan portion of the Proposed Resource Management Plan for at least six months.

The letter states: "This will allow Mesa County to continue our voluntary role of collecting concerns and issues from the public on the TMP to share with the BLM and adequate time for a transparent, concerted and focused review of the TMP."

To read the full letter, go here.

The Commissioners this morning met with Mesa County staff to discuss the letter of protest Mesa County will send to the BLM about the Proposed Resource Management Plan, if the Commissioners vote to do so at their Administrative Hearing on Monday, May 11.

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