Friday, July 10, 2015

Around Mesa County: This week in pictures, July 10

Mesa County government is wide in its services and scope. From Elections to Road and Bridge to the Department of Motor Vehicles to Health to Human Services to the Commissioners and beyond, Mesa County is a diverse operation.

Check out some photos from this week:

This was the scene Monday at the Clerk and Recorder's Motor Vehicle division. 

A Plant Strong Potluck takes place at the Mesa County Health Department the second Wednesday of every month. Anyone interested in incorporating more fruits and vegetables into their diet is welcome. The staff has a lot of fun bringing new recipes to share. 

Regina Clark shows off her plate of healthy food at Wednesday's Plant Strong Potluck at the  Mesa County Health Department.

Cindy Barnett does her thing in Mesa County Human Resources.
A view of the 38 Road Hill construction project.

Arna Hoffman at work in the Mesa County Treasurer's Office

Chris Horner, Mesa County Treasurer's Office

This is Drago and Officer Doug Frye at Mesa County Animal Services, discussing snack time. Drago was dumped in Animal Services' after-hours dropoff kennels about 10 days ago and was literally starved. After a couple of touch-and-go days, Drago has gained more than 10 pounds in the last week and has become very persistent about his afternoon snacks. Here, Frye was a little late, and Drago was nicely reminding him.
This is a photo of Officer Bozarth and Jewel sharing some mutual affection! Jewel was running loose north of town and was quite the Houdini. Animal Services officers followed her for five days and set humane traps, to no avail. On the sixth day, they got lucky. After some veterinary treatment and some TLC from staff, she has fully recovered and is a trusting, loving dog. Officers picked the name Jewel because they knew immediately when they found her that she was a diamond in the rough.

Melinda Henderson, Mesa County Treasurer's Office

This is one of six new Grand Valley Transit buses arriving this month. Yes, new buses do have that new car smell!
Mesa County Department of Human Services employees at work. 

Mesa County Department of Human Services employees at work. 
A shot of the landslide on I-70 this week, from the Mesa County Sheriff's Office.

With this week's rain, the Mesa County Sheriff's Office parking lot was a bit, uh, wet. 

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