Friday, July 10, 2015

Commissioners meet with Delta County to discuss plan for conservation area

The Mesa County Commissioners today met with one Delta County Commissioner and their county administrator to discuss the anticipated release of the Bureau of Land Management's Proposed Resource Management Plan for the Dominguez-Escalante National Conservation Area

The plan is expected to be releasesd in late summer or early fall.

At the meeting, Mesa County Commissioner Rose Pugliese asked officials to schedule a meeting between the BLM and representatives from Delta and Montrose Counties. The BLM should tell the counties details of the plan (what roads they plan to close, etc.) before the plan is released, Pugliese said. 

Other points discussed at today's meeting:   
  • A commitment to true multiple use is a primary concern.
  • Both Delta and Montrose Counties are represented on an advisory council.
  • The Travel Management Plan will be part of the Resource Management Plan, as is the case with the Grand Junction Field Office's Proposed Resource Management Plan. The counties, though, agree that the travel plan should be removed from the Resource Management Plan, so that each plan could be considered individually under two separate Records of Decision.
  • The counties will send a letter to Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper requesting a timely and thorough "Governor's Consistency Review" report is submitted to the BLM.
  • Both counties have submitted to the BLM  lists of routes they want to remain open to the public in the Travel Management Plan.
  • Recreation and grazing can co-exist.
The draft RMP had about 802.5 inventoried total miles of routes, 144.5 miles to be closed and 87 miles of admin routes, which are closed to the general public. The closed and admin numbers might change in the PRMP.

Of the 240.9 Vested Interest Route miles the counties submitted in their comments on the draft plan:
  • 41.9 miles would be closed
  • 30.3 miles would be admin

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