Friday, August 21, 2015

This week in pictures, Aug. 21

Mesa County government is wide in its services and scope. From Administration to Public Works to the County Attorney to Human Resources to the Fairgrounds to Solid Waste Management to the Commissioners and beyond, Mesa County is a varied and diverse operation.

Check out some photos from around Mesa County government this week:

Mesa County Public Works Director Pete Baier talks about the 29 Road interchange at the City of Grand Junction/Mesa County joint meeting Thursday afternoon. Commissioners Rose Pugliese, left, and Scott McInnis listen.

Ryan Zinke of Mesa County Noxious Weed Management pulls puncturevine at the Tri-River Extension Office. They hate goatheads, too! Check out their puncturevine mat invention: a piece of Styrofoam to pick up the seeds so they don't get on their shoes! Nice.  

Don't be deceived by purple loosestrife's beauty. It's a noxious weed. 

Noxious Weed management and workers from Grand County (Utah) get ready to paddle the Colorado River to treat purple loosestrife.
The Mesa County Breastfeeding Task Force held an event at the Grand Junction Farmers Market last week to raise awareness of World Breastfeeding Week. This year focused on breastfeeding in the workplace, so the event highlighted how employers can work with breastfeeding moms to make expressing milk at work easy and comfortable. From left are Task Force Members Karla Klemm, Carmen West and Patty Kandiko.

Out at the Mesa County Landfill, a couple from Las Vegas visits every summer while on their annual trip to see family in Grand Junction. Every time they visit, they take home pallets of bagged Mesa Magic compost. This is their truck - and their dog in the window. The Landfill staff think it's pretty awesome that the couple hauls their product all the way back home!

This was one of the events at the Equipment Rodeo.

Taking a short break at the Equipment Rodeo.

At the Equipment Rodeo.

Competing in the Equipment Rodeo.

One of the events. Could you do this?

Doing some judging of the rodeo - and some observing. 

These are some of the door prizes given out at the Safety Fair and Equipment Rodeo.

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