Monday, September 28, 2015

Test verifies integrity of new voting equipment

Mesa County Elections and representatives from the Mesa County Democrats and Republicans completed a Logic and Accuracy Test on September 24 that verified the integrity of the new voting equipment. After the test, the representatives deemed the equipment’s performance satisfactory and signed their approval.
This is the first election since 2001 that Mesa County will be using new voting equipment as one of the eight participant counties of the state’s Pilot Election program. Each county will be piloting one of the four election systems that are up for statewide usage, including the Denver-based company Dominion Voting Systems, which is the provider of Mesa County’s equipment this fall.
“I am pleased with the test results and the equipment's functionality,” Sheila Reiner said. “I am also proud of the 'can do' attitude of our Elections team. Piloting new software in a live election is a challenge, and they are doing very well with it!”
For further information or if you have any questions, email us at or call our office at (970) 244-1662.

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