Friday, September 4, 2015

This week in pictures, Sept. 4

Checking to see if Paul Mitts feels OK ... Miriam Hawkins caught him not wearing a Hawaiian shirt!
This is the first of five photos from the Heart Gallery photo shoot last Friday involving the Department of Human Services. Heart Gallery showcases Colorado children who are looking for forever homes. Go here to visit their website and see the pictures. 
At the Heart Gallery photo shoot.
At the Heart Gallery photo shoot.
At the Heart Gallery photo shoot.
At the Heart Gallery photo shoot.
Some Mesa County Health Department employees underwent Personal Safety Training with Hilltop Director of Corporate Coaching David Livingston on Thursday. The seminar included instruction, discussion and hands-on training.
Hilltop Director of Corporate Coaching David Livingston holds SafeCare Home Visitor Joe Nichols in a choke-hold grip during a Personal Safety Training seminar at Mesa County Health Department. David instructed Joe to keep his chin down to protect his trachea.
Christina Bouts is all smiles, providing customer service at the Clifton DMV.
Janet Williams and Cheryl Benton pose for a selfie.
Janet Williams and Erika Pena pose for a selfie.
Sundae Montgomery tests new equipment in the Elections office. 
Two weeks' worth of mortgage mail at the DMV.
Josh Garcia at the DMV Call Center.
Rose Tafoya working on billing for Internet subscriptions in the Recording Division. 
Community members using the public access terminals at Mesa County Central Services in the Recording division.
Work is being done on K Road at 21 1/2 Road to improve safety at the intersection.

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