Thursday, October 1, 2015

County nearing end of road work

Chip and seal road work will be done once the list below is completed. 

Paving for the overlay program is done. Shouldering and asphalt patching where concrete was replaced will take place over the next two weeks and then the overlay program will be complete, too.  
Short delays should be expected on these roads during this time.

Week of Oct. 5:

Fog Seal - over previously chipped roads
22 Road - J Road to K Road
22 1/2 Road - K Road to L Road
24 Road - J Road to CDS
24 1/2 Road - I Road to Home Ranch Court
24 1/2 Road - H Road to I Road
24 1/2 Road - North of overpass from GJCL to H Road
25 Road - I Road to end of canal

54 7/10 Road (Molina) - KK Road to Molina Fire Station
KE Road (Mesa) - 48 1/2 Road to gravel
KE Road (Mesa) - Gravel to wye in road. Lathe placed says "End Paving."

Concrete Work

2874 B 1/2 Road

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