Thursday, November 5, 2015

Commissioners say 'no' to salary increase for elected officials

In May, the Colorado Legislature voted to increase the annual salaries of elected state and county officials. The governor signed Senate Bill 288 into law on June 3.

In Mesa County, however, the Commissioners have declined the raise for themselves and all other county elected officials.

Under the law, the Commissioners’ salaries would have increased by $21,750 to $94,250/year. The Mesa County Sheriff’s salary would have increased by $26,310 to $114,010. Salaries of the treasurer, assessor, clerk, coroner and surveyor also would have increased.

"Given our current county fiscal predicament, coupled with the fact that our employees have, for the most part, not received raises in the past seven years, we cannot, in good conscience, take a $21,750 raise," said Commissioner Rose Pugliese.

Commissioner John Justman said: “The Commissioners can’t support a $21,750 raise for ourselves when the county employees haven’t had an across the board raise in the last seven years. Our revenue hasn’t recovered enough to cover these costs.”

The Mesa County Board of Commissioners has advised Colorado Counties, Inc., to add them to a legislative bill in the 2016 session asking that the salaries of elected officials remain unchanged.

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