Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Mesa County updates Land Development Code to encourage economic development

The Mesa County Commissioners this morning approved four amendments to the county's Land Development Code. The amendments will encourage economic development by giving landowners more flexibility in how they can use their land. It falls in line with the county's Open for Business initiative and Developers' Bill of Rights.

After the law firm of Hoban & Feola issued a white paper on the county's land-use regulations earlier this year, the Commissioners appointed a focus group, comprised of business leaders and citizens from the agriculture, energy and development fields, to work with the Mesa County Planning Division to review the code, identifying areas of concern and, ultimately, drafting the amendments.

The Planning Commission also held several workshops, and the public in October was invited to two open houses.

The adopted revisions are intended to encourage business in the county by making the Land Development Code easier to use and reducing or eliminating conflicts with other regulations and policies.

"We want to provide clarity and conciseness in the code," said Linda Dannenberger, Mesa County's planning director.

Commissioner Rose Pugliese this morning thanked the focus group members and the Planning Division officials for their countless hours of work, over the past year, updating the code.

More work lies ahead, though, those involved said.

"This has been long overdue," said Don Pettygrove, a focus group member. "And we're not done. We just peeled away the first layer of the onion."

To read more about the changes to the county's Land Development Code, go here.

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