Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Commissioners ask Country Jam organizers to help curb underage drinking

The Mesa County Commissioners today sent a letter to Townsquare Media asking for their help curbing underage drinking at Country Jam.

The letter comes after the Commissioners agreed earlier this month to approve Townsquare's request to waive reimbursement to the Mesa County Sheriff's Office and the Mesa County Health Department for their services at Country Jam.

Last year, 213 citations were given to minors in possession of alcohol, and 33 other liquor enforcement-related citations were given out within the festival grounds.

"This is concerning," the Commissioners wrote. "We recommend you enhance all efforts to address the issue, in addition to working with the Mesa County Sheriff's Office and other appropriate law enforcement agencies, to strengthen the anti-underage drinking campaign."

The Commissioners, in their letter, made several suggestions. To read the full letter, go here.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Mesa County hires benefits consultant

The Mesa County Board of Commissioners this morning approved a $54,000 contract to hire Segal Consulting as Mesa County's benefits consultant.

Mesa County issued a Request for Proposal for benefit services in December. A committee of six Mesa County human resources staff and others used a systematic process of assigning points to each applicant to come up with finalists and then a final recommendation. In all, the county received 12 proposals. Segal was the committee's final recommendation.

Segal will provide in-depth expertise in helping staff to explore all available options on the benefit front. Segal serves the state of Colorado, as well as many other large clients, in this capacity. Even in their response to the RFP, Segal demonstrated "out-of-the-box" thinking with solid proposals that included realistic time frames.

Mesa County officials are excited to have a strong partner to help them make important benefits decisions.

Jamie Hamilton, Home Loan Insurance Co. chairman and CEO, served as an advisor to the selection committee. He told Mesa County Commissioners that the committee's process was "fair, honest and on-point."

"This was fair, just, right on point and what's best for the citizens of Mesa County," Hamilton said. "I agree that it's a very prudent decision."

Segal will begin working with the county immediately.

Commissioners approve sale of empty building

The Mesa County Commissioners this morning approved the sale of a building at 750 Main St. and a parking lot at 803 Rood for $1 million to Rocky Mountain Service Employment Redevelopment.

Mesa County has owned the building at 750 Main St. since the mid-1980s. It served as the Administrative and Public Works offices until December 2011. At that time, the Public Works Department, along with the Mesa County Clerk's office, moved into the then new Central Services Building, at 200 S. Spruce St.

The old building has been on the market since April 2011. The sale should close this April.

Rocky Mountain Service Employment Redevelopment's programs include Head Start, Migrant Head Start, Migrant Farmworker and Community Services. For more information on their programs, visit www.rmser.org.