Thursday, June 25, 2015

Commissioners oppose lowering air quality standards for ground level ozone

The Mesa County Commissioners strongly oppose the Environmental Protection Agency's proposed change in standards regarding ground level ozone.

The EPA has proposed lowering the National Ambient Air Quality Standards for ground level ozone from the current 75 parts per billion to between 65 and 70 ppb.

That is the wrong way to go about addressing air quality issues, the Commissioners wrote in a letter dated June 24, 2015 to Brian Deese of the World Health Organization.

"These proposed changes would directly and negatively impact the economy of our county, and severely impede economic growth and opportunity," the Commissioners wrote.

To read the full letter, go here.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

BLM offers to defer implementation on some routes in Travel Management Plan

The Bureau of Land Management has agreed to defer designation of nearly 200 routes in the Travel Management Plan, as a compromise to Mesa County's request for six months to review the plan.

To see a map of routes that will be deferred, go here:

To read the Daily Sentinel's coverage of the issue, go here:

Community members with input on the plan or routes proposed to be closed or deferred are invited to a Town Hall meeting TONIGHT, Wednesday, June 24, at 5:30 p.m. in hearing room at 544 Rood Ave.

Construction on some county roads continues

This week’s overlay work includes a few roads that were not completed last week, plus some additional roads.  

As part of the overlay, there will also be roto-milling, concrete removal, prep and replacement and shouldering to finish previously paved jobs. 

Mesa County’s Chip and Seal Program will continue this week on the roads listed below.
Short delays should be expected on these roads during this time.

Chip & Seal
  • Lyn St., 22 Road to CUL-DE-SAC
  • Kestrel Court, J Road to CUL-DE-SAC
  • Priscillas Way, J Road to CUL-DE-SAC
  • Dougherty Court, J Road to CUL-DE-SAC
  • Red Ranch Drive, 24 Road east
  • Red Ranch Court, Red Ranch Drive to CUL-DE-SAC
  • 24 1/2 Road, I Road to Home Ranch Court    
  • 24 1/2 Road, north of overpass to H Road
  • Home Ranch Court, 24 1/2 Road to END  

  • 23 Road, J Road to L Road
  • I Road, 24 Road to 25 Road 
  • I Road, 25 Road to 26 Road 
  • Front Street, 32 1/2 Road to 33 Road

  • Front Street (Clifton), 2nd Street NE to 33 Road
  • E. Chukar Way, D 3/4 Road NW to Meadowlark Way
  • Meadowlark Way, D 3/4 Road N to E Road
  • W. Chukar Way, D 3/4 Road NE to Meadowlark Way
  • Pheasant Place, Meadowlark Way E to CUL-DE-SAC
  • Grouse Place, Meadowlark Way E to CUL-DE-SAC   
  • Unaweep Avenue              

Concrete Removal, Prep, & pour
  • Mountain Vista                                   
  • Misty Ridge
  • 219 Round Rock Circle                      
  • 482.5 Fox Run
  • 202 Honey Comb Lane

  • J 6/10 Road, Fruita City Limits east to 19 Road
  • 19 1/2 Road, Hwy. 50 north to J Road
  • 19 1/2 Road, J Road north to K Road
  • 21 Road, Hwy. 50 to I Road
  • 23 Road, J Road to L Road

Monday, June 22, 2015

Learn how to prevent wildfires at June 30 open house

A Wildfire Prevention Open House is planned for Tuesday, June 30, from 7 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. at the Glade Park Fire Department, 16400 DS Road in Glade Park. 

Community members are invited to attend to learn about:
  • Upcoming fuel reduction projects
  • How to reduce wildfire risk
  • Family preparation
Other topics also will be covered.

The open house is organized by Mesa County, Glade Park Volunteer Fire Department, Bureau of Land Management, Colorado State Forest Service and Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control. 

For more information, e-mail or call (970) 255-7189.