Friday, August 14, 2015

This week in pictures, Aug. 14, 2015

Mesa County government is wide in its services and scope. From Administration to Public Works to the County Attorney to Human Resources to the Fairgrounds to Solid Waste Management to the Commissioners and beyond, Mesa County is a varied and diverse operation.

Check out some photos from around Mesa County government this week:

Mesa County Commissioner John Justman, left, reads a proclamation for Community Health Center Week at Monday's Administrative Hearing. County Administrator Frank Whidden is to his right.

Dr. John Whiteside of Marillac Clinic accepted the proclamation.

From left: Dr. John Whiteside, Marillac Clinic's Chief Medical Officer, Kay Ramachandran, Marillac Clinic's Executive Director, and Mesa County Commissioner John Justman.

Mesa County Commissioner Rose Pugliese before Monday's Administrative Hearing.

Mesa County Commissioner Scott McInnis with his instructor at Spanish class this week.

The  Mesa County Commissioners met with the Bureau of Land Management Monday afternoon for a quarterly briefing. At the table in addition to the Commissioners and County Administrator are Patrick Coleman, Keith Fife and Pete Baier, as well as Katie Stevens and Chris Joyner from the BLM.

Rose Pugliese, left, cuts the ribbon at 38 Road Hill on Wednesday morning. With her are John Justman and Scott McInnis. Behind them are Dan Caris and Pete Baier. Hiding behind John is Bill Taylor.

Just after the ribbon-cutting

Mesa County Health Department employees including Fran Parker, right, enjoy lunch at the Employee Recognition Luncheon on Wednesday. 

Shelley Vehik of Human Resources, right, hands out awards at Wednesday's lunch. 

Five years working for Mesa County
10 years working for Mesa County

15 years working for Mesa County
20 years working for Mesa County

On either side of Frank Whidden, Greg Linza and Deb Bouricius have each worked 25 years for Mesa County.

Teresa Waganer, left, and Lisa Hudson - 30 years working for Mesa County.

From left, Kent Almond, Eric Brown and John Byerly, all 25-year employees.

Scott Ehlers, left, with Mesa County Sheriff Matt Lewis. Scott is a 25-year county employee.

Matt Sullivan, left - 30 years working for Mesa County. Presenting him the honor is Dennis Berry. 

Michael Bradbury, left, has worked 30 years at Mesa County. With him is Michelle Trujillo.

Deryl Eldridge, left - 35 years at Mesa County. With him is Sheriff Matt Lewis.

Tori Kittel - 35 years. 

Andrew Rubalcaba has worked 40 years at Mesa County. 
Mesa County Sheriff's Office Deputies Pemberton and Garibaldi sort inmate mail. 
Sheila Reiner, right, shows Commissioner John Justman how the Elections Division's ballot-tabulating machine works. 

Patti Inscho, election operations manager, speaks with election judges about the upcoming coordinated election.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Road delays for overlay work next week

Mesa County's road work this week includes only overlay (no chip and seal). Overlay will include paving, raising and adjusting manholes,  and roto-milling activities.

Short delays should be expected on these roads during this time.

The week of Aug. 17:

Roto- Milling
Tuesday, Aug. 18:
B Road - from city limits of Grand Junction (approximately Clymer Drive) west to 28 1/2 Road intersection

B Road South - Glade Park: 16 1/2 Road west to end of pavement
B Road PreLevel - from city limits of Grand Junction (approximately Clymer Drive) west to 28 1/2 Road intersection
B Road Paving - from city limits of Grand Junction (approximately Clymer Drive) west to 28 1/2 Road intersection
Manholes Raise/Adjust

Unaweep Ave. (C Road) - Mountain View Street east to 28 1/2 Road

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Mesa County recognizes employees at luncheon

Mesa County today recognized employees for their years of service.

All county employees were invited to a luncheon at Long's Park. Employees who had served five, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 years were honored.

Here are the employees:

5 years
Kate Scales
Daniella Correa-Shively
Jane White
Thomas Rix
Karen Smith
Laura Kinson
Rick Maxville
Tanya May
Nicole Surad
Katherine Boozell
Vicky Shaw
Paul Mitts
Scott Wear
Donald Love

10 years
Steven Henderson
Brittiany Boelter
Craig Bynum
Steve Chin
Daniel Durrant
Carol Parker
David Wetherald
Donna Ross
Pamela Cotharn
Sheena Dickenson
Pete Hautzinger
Lesley Nordmeyer
Daniel Rubinstein
Lori Sharon
Susan Swinson
Richard Tuttle
Barbara Golden
Barbara Gray
Cynthia Hatch
Jessica Marler
Jodi McKenna
Deborah Nelson
Nicole Rogers
Susan Skyberg
Virginia Koerner
Julie Cantrell
Travis Haldeman
Nanci Quintana
Pat Stiles
David Livingston
Terry Bridge
Jeff Cannizzaro
Jonathan Chambers
Travis Christensen
Kathryn Durrant
Hassan Hassan
Andrew Means
April Medrano
Jamie Pennay
Johanna Roberts
Robin Turcotte

15 years
Ashley Edstrom
Tamara Haltiner
Shelley Grattan
Susan Swift
Kristina Warren
Michael Heidel
Janet Sessum
Troy Flick
Lori Marak
Christie Barton
Jack Thomas
Darren Learned
Chris Brooks
Jerry Gray
Anthony Lee
Matt McChesney
Jason McClelland
Ben Miller
Christina Montez
Timothy Orr
Sandra Ostowick
Mike Piechota
Brandi Power
Jenna Reed
Robert Tate

20 years
Brent Goff
Reed Orr
Charles Kitto
Janet Williams
Ingir Beeman
Holly Cooper
Jerrie Julius
David Norman
Lori Rienstra
Rick Corsi
Daniel Frank
Jamie Ritz
Todd Reed
Casey Dodson

25 years
Denise Kampf
Mary Lou Peterson
Greg Linza
Debra Bouricius
John Byerly
Eric Brown
Kent Almond
Scott Ehlers
James Hebenstreit
Sanda Sparn

30 years
Matt Sullivan
Michael Bradbury
Lisa Hudson
Teresa Waganer
Dolores Trevino

35 years
Tori Kittel
Deryl Eldridge

40 years
Andrew Rubalcaba

And here are some pictures from today's event (congrats to everyone who was recognized!):