Friday, October 9, 2015

This week in pictures, Oct. 9, 2015

Mesa County Commissioner Scott McInnis, left, and Kyle Vanderberg of Mays Construction Specialties Inc. look at the Colorado-Utah state-line marker that's being restored. The marker restoration got some media coverage this week. 
21 1/2 and K Road project. 
County staff check out the 21 1/2 and K Road project last Friday afternoon.
Checking out the 21 1/2 and K Road project. 
Mesa County Health Department Planner Greg Rajnowski practices CPR on a dummy during training on Wednesday.

Mesa County Health Department Child Care Licensing Specialist Audriana Osgood practices CPR during a training on Wednesday. 
Mesa County Commissioner John Justman interviews with Fox News reporter Melody Gonzales this week about the land use development code updates.

Mesa County crews work together on tamarisk and Russian olive treatments and other weed removal at the recently cleared parcel along Rosevale Road. 

Summer Igo of Mesa County Noxious Weed and Pest Management finds a double whammy of noxious weeds - 6-foot-tall knotweed in the front and 20-foot-tall giant reed grass behind it. 

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Learn about native, noxious weeds at Nov. 3 event

Bring your sack lunch and join Mesa County Noxious Weed and Pest Management for some weed education and discussion with other local noxious weed managers on Tuesday, Nov. 3. 

The event starts at noon in the Monument Room of the Central Mesa County Public Library, 443 N. Sixth St. Following a webinar, a group discussion will be held at 1 p.m.

Mesa County Elections will set up mock service center Oct. 12-13

Mesa County Elections is setting up a mock service center on Oct. 12 and 13 from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. in preparation for the Coordinated Election. The public is encouraged to stop by and see the new voting equipment and ask any questions they may have about the elections process.
"I hope that the citizens of Mesa County will join us to learn about the election process and new equipment being used in their elections office,” said Sheila Reiner, Mesa County’s Clerk and Recorder. “This is the taxpayers' system, and we’re very excited to showcase the tablet-based format we’re piloting for the state and how it allows voters to customize their in-person voting experience like never before."
The voter service and polling centers (or VSPCs) are set to open on Oct. 26 and will be open through Election Day (November 3) for voters to drop off their mail-in ballots or cast their votes in person. Each of the service centers will have ADA-approved voting equipment available for disabled or impaired voters to cast their votes independently. That equipment will also be available for testing at the mock service center.
For more information, email or call (970) 244-1662.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Tackle your bus-riding fears Saturday at free how-to training

Want to ride the bus but not sure exactly how?

Grand Valley Transit on Saturday, Oct. 10, will take the guesswork out of it during a free how-to-ride-the-bus training.

The event is from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. at the Grand Junction Amtrak station, 339 S. First St. The GVT training will coincide with the Amtrak exhibit train that will be at the station that day for a self-guided tour.

Since many citizens have never used public transit, the GVT training will include information on:

  • Riding a GVT bus for the first time
  • Learning a new route
  • GVT’s fixed routes
  • Planning a trip
  • Reading schedules
  • Transferring to other buses
  • Paying fares and pass options
  • Loading a bicycle
  • Using a wheelchair lift
“This training will enable any individual interested in riding GVT to gain the confidence and knowledge necessary to utilize GVT services,” said Elizabeth Collins of GVT.

GVT has 12 fixed routes that carry passengers from Palisade to Fruita and the areas in between. All buses are equipped with a bicycle rack, as well as a lift for mobility devices. GVT also strives to make it easy to connect to other modes of transportation including aviation, rail, regional bus, walking and bicycling.

A GVT bus will be on-site at the travel training for attendees to practice loading and unloading a bike, pulling the signal cord to request the bus to stop and using the fare box. 

GVT staff also will have maps and training materials to ensure attendees leave with a travel plan in place. 

County road delays for the week of Oct. 12

Next week's road work should complete both the Overlay and Chip & Seal programs for Mesa County this year.

During the week of Oct. 12, drivers should expect short delays:

Fog Seal - over previously chipped roads
24 1/2 Road - H Road to I Road
24 1/2 Road - north of overpass from GJCL to H Road
25 Road - I Road to end of canal

54 7/10 Road (Molina) - KK Road to Molina Fire Station
KE Road (Mesa) - 48 1/2 to wye at 48 Road

Concrete Work
2874 B 1/2 Road

3175 F Road

Mesa County leads effort to refurbish state-line marker

A historical marker that was once celebrated at the state line between Colorado and Utah had become a canvas for graffiti, gunshots and other abuse. 

Chunks of concrete had fallen off. The marker's top had been obliterated by a gunshot. 

Mesa County engineers believed the tall, concrete marker only had a couple years before it became a pile of rubble.  

But thanks to the efforts of Mesa County, May's Construction Specialties, Inc., Garry Brewer, the Museum of Western Colorado and the Mesa County Historical Society - led by Commissioner Scott McInnis - the marker will be restored to its original glory.

On Jan. 29, 2015, after much research and planning, McInnis brought a team of county officials and road crew staff out to the marker, which stood on county right-of-way along old Hwy. 6 on the Colorado/Utah state line.

The Mesa County crew after carefully removing the state-line marker from its spot on old Hwy. 50. Commissioner Scott McInnis is on the far right. 
County officials spent hours at the site, carefully removing the marker and transporting it to Grand Junction's Mays Construction Specialties. Mays is donating its employees' time to restore the marker to its original state. 

Once restored, the marker will be placed at the Colorado-Utah state line along Interstate 70. Mesa County is working with the Colorado Department of Transportation on that piece of the project. Other partners include the Bureau of Land Management and the Museum of Western Colorado.

County officials chose to relocate the marker to just off I-70, knowing that if replaced in its former home, vandals would quickly damage it again. Locating the marker by the "Welcome to Colorado" sign on I-70 will once again allow passersby to stop and take their pictures with it, as they did for decades. 

"This is such an important piece of Mesa County history," McInnis said. "We're really excited to see it properly restored, and we are proud to take the lead in restoring this historical marker for our community."

The Public Service Company constructed the marker, which was dedicated on Sept. 25, 1931. People came from across Colorado and Utah for the three-day celebration that included parades, fireworks, dancing, a barbecue, an air show and even a Marx Brothers matinee at The Avalon Theatre. Dignitaries included Colorado Gov. William Adams, Honorable Peter Searle (chairman of the Colorado State Highway Advisory Board) and Honorable Henry H. Blood (Utah State Road Commission Chair).
Officials dedicate the marker at the Colorado/Utah state line on Sept. 25, 1931. That's Colorado Gov. William Adams on the right, closest to the marker. 
Today, leaders involved in the restoration plan to make blueprints of the marker, so an exact replica can be created if so desired by the State of Utah.

The marker is not available for public viewing while it is under restoration. A ceremony will be held - and the community will be invited - when it has been placed in its new home.

The marker had become a canvas for graffiti and gunshots. 
Here's what it looks like today, mid-restoration.
Scott McInnis, left, and Kyle Vanderberg of May's Construction Specialties Inc., talk about the restoration on Sept. 30, 2015. 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Tax lien sale is up online

Mesa County's Online Tax Lien Sale is up and running. While review of the properties will be available on the Tax Lien website:, beginning October 14, 2015, the properties are now posted on the Treasurer's website:, under Tax Lien Sales [Publications].

The properties will also be published in the Daily Sentinel, beginning Saturday, October 10, 2015, again on October 17, 2015, and also on October 24, 2015