Friday, December 18, 2015

Public Works gives back

Employees of Mesa County's Public Works Department made Christmas a little brighter for 50 children in Mesa County this season.

On Friday, Public Works officials loaded 60 gifts - including five bicycles - into a trailer so they could be taken to the Salvation Army. The county employees participated in the Salvation Army's Angel Tree program, which asks those who can give a little to buy gifts for children in need.

This week in photos

Commissioners Scott McInnis and Rose Pugliese are shown greeting members of Sons of the American Revolution at Monday's administrative hearing. The Commissioners declared Tuesday, Dec. 15, Bill of Rights Day.
The Mesa County Commissioners stand with members of Sons of the American Revolution after proclaiming Tuesday, Dec. 15, Bill of Rights Day.

Garry Brewer spoke to the Commissioners after they proclaimed Tuesday, Dec. 15, Bill of Rights Day.

Assessor Patrick Green presents to the Commissioners at Monday's administrative hearing.
Jesse Redmond, Clerk Sheila Reiner and Amanda Polson at the State Capitol. 
Clerk Sheila Reiner and Deputy County Attorney Nina Atencio at the Colorado Supreme Court. 
Sheila Reiner and Jesse Redmond at the State Capitol.
Sheila Reiner and Amanda Polson at the State Capitol.
Local municipalities, land managers, non-profit agencies, CMU, private landowners and others gathered at Mesa County Central Services for the Desert Rivers Collaborative meeting. They discussed local weed and restoration projects, progress and plans. 
A meeting of Department of Human Services and Workforce Center employee representatives. 
Ashley Douglas and Felicia Holcomb on sports day at DHS.
Jacque Berry does sports day at DHS right down to her toes. Go, Broncos!
Jen Hume of DHS tops off her Broncos support!
Kathy Stahl of DHS even decorates her desk to support the Broncos. 
Mike Bradbury framed in snowflakes and paper chains.
April, Holly and Linda in the front office at DHS.
Mesa County Health Department clinic staff. Clockwise from left: Katherine O'Reilly, Mindy Christensen, Adriana Quinonez, Terran Biship (B4 Babies) and Kelsey Reddin.
New Grand Valley Transit buses are being outfitted with signs and lights to remind drivers to yield to buses pulling back into traffic. 
Clerk and Recorder staff. 

Monday, December 14, 2015

Commissioners approve purchase of tablets for Sheriff's Office

The Mesa County Commissioners this morning approved the purchase of new tablets for Mesa County Sheriff's Office deputies to use in their patrol cars.

The workstation upgrade will cost $255,670.

The tablets have been tested and approved by local MCSO deputies. Total, 65 will be purchased. The upgrade is the result of a year's worth of research, officials told the Commissioners this morning. The tablets are built to withstand extreme temperatures and should make it easier for deputies to take photos and write and file reports.

In other news, the Commissioners:

  • proclaimed Dec. 15, 2015, Bill of Rights Day. Members of Sons of the American Revolution accepted the proclamation. 
  • received an update from Mesa County Surveyor Patrick Green.

Yield to buses - it's the law!

A bus driver's most difficult task is reentering traffic from a bus stop.

To enhance the flow of traffic, improve transit reliability and make roads safer for everyone, Colorado in 2009 created the Yield to Bus Law. The law says motorists must yield the right-of-way to any bus with an illuminated turn signal and yield sign, allowing transit buses to merge into traffic from a bus stop.

Grand Valley Transit has installed a light on the back of some of its buses that flashes an illuminated “yield” signal. An accompanying sign says: “Yield to bus when light is flashing – it’s the law.”

Not all buses have this feature, but it is good practice for drivers to yield to buses regardless. As GVT continues to update its fleet, drivers should look for more of these buses out on the road.  

When a GVT bus signals its intention to re-enter traffic, all drivers approaching from the rear or in the lane adjacent to the bus are required to slow down or stop to allow the bus to merge. The penalty for failure to yield is a moving Class A traffic violation, punishable with a fine of $15 to $100 and driver's license points.

Use good judgment and follow these simple guidelines around a merging bus:

  • Always use caution.
  • Slow down or stop to allow the bus to merge back into traffic.
  • Safely change lanes if you no longer want to travel behind the bus.
  • Do not attempt to change lanes quickly to overtake the bus.
  • Do not speed up to prohibit the bus or other motorists from entering the lane.