Friday, February 19, 2016

This week in pics, Feb. 19

The following four pictures were taken at the Mesa County Department of Human Services on Monday evening. Staff and their friends and families applied thin blue lines to 65 cars. They raised almost $100 in donations for the family of Deputy Derek Geer. 

Brooke Vanorden and her friend BreeAnn DeHerrera. Photo bomber: Michael Blevins

Michael Blevins placing a blue stripe.
Kathy Gerlock and Rory Cornelison
Getting the word out!
Sheriff Matt Lewis with the pre-kindergarten class from New Emerson Elementary. The class came to the Sheriff's Office to thank officers for their work. The students gifted the Sheriff a flag they made. 
Barb Cutunilli socializing dogs at Mesa County Animal Services.
The two pictures below are from the Heart Gallery photo shoot in Mesa County (hosted at the Botanical Gardens). The  Heart Gallery features teens looking for parents to adopt them. For more information, contact the Department of Human Services' adoption team at 970-256-2431.

Mesa County Sheriff's Office Honor Guard Sgt. Lisa Peck and Sgt. Cathy Tate.
Ron Markly and Kevin Bozarth of Mesa County Animal Services clean the outdoor kennels. 
Check out our fancy new look! Computer screens now welcome visitors to the Old Courthouse, 544 Rood Ave. 

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