Monday, May 9, 2016

Commissioners like economic development of Monument Road Project

The Mesa County Commissioners today gave their approval for a Federal Lands Access Program project being sought by the City of Grand Junction.

The Monument Road Project would feature a multi-modal path connecting the existing Colorado Riverfront Trail, neighborhoods and downtown Grand Junction to the Lunch Loop Trailhead and Colorado National Monument’s east entrance. The project also would include the creation of “bypass lanes” at the Monument’s east gate, allowing pass holders to “bypass” the lanes used by non-pass holders and go through an automatic gate.

“This is a big deal,” said Commissioner Scott McInnis. “This project would be an economic plus for the community. It is infrastructure that fits with the county mission, and it’s a great partnership with the city.”

If the city is successful with its application, Mesa County will contribute $391,972, a portion of the local government match.

“The Commissioners appreciate the opportunity to support this important economic development project in our community,” said Chairwoman Rose Pugliese.

If the project receives a green light from the Federal Lands Access Program, the county will work to make sure any rights of way designations are made in agreement with property owners, that rights of way are not turned into conservation easements and that Glade Park residents can use the bypass lanes.

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