Friday, May 6, 2016

This week in pics

The Mesa County Commissioners on Monday proclaimed May 1-8 as Days of Remembrance Week. From left, Commissioner John Justman, David Eisner, Commissioner Rose Pugliese and Commissioner Scott McInnis.
The Department of Human Services' Economic Assistance Division meets. 
Mesa County Noxious Weed and Pest moved offices. They relocated from the Fairgrounds to the Road and Bridge facility at 971 Coffman Road, Building B. 
Nanci Quintana of the Mesa County Health Department last week was named Colorado Emergency Preparedness and Response regional staff person of the year. Congrats, Nanci!
From left, Sheriff Matt Lewis, Commissioner Rose Pugliese, Captain Art Smith, Commissioner John Justman and Commissioner Scott McInnis. The Commissioners this morning proclaimed May 1-7, 2016, National Correctional Officers Week. 
Kellie Starritt, left, and County Attorney Patrick Coleman presented with the Department of Human Services at Inside Mesa County Monday evening. 
Scott Aker, Deputy Director of the Department of Human Services, leads a tour of  DHS and the Workforce Center for Inside Mesa County participants Wednesday. 
At the Mesa County Health Department: Nanci Quintana, far left, Travis Dorr and Andy Tyler discuss strategy for a tabletop emergency preparedness and response exercise in Montrose next week. 
DHS Executive Director Tracey Garchar, right, tells the Inside Mesa County class about the Department of Human Services Monday night.

The three photos below are from a Foster Families Foster Care appreciation dinner, hosted by the Department of Human Services. 

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