Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Colorado State Line Marker Revealed

Saturday, June 25th, was a very special day for an old friend.  The Colorado/Utah State Line Marker was placed in its new home, refurbished and renewed.  This historic marker had been close to rubble from graffiti, gunshots and other abuse along old Hwy. 6 on the Colorado/Utah state line.  During the last 18 months it has received a new look, with the help of so many; and is now placed near the current Colorado/Utah state line on the south (eastbound) side of Interstate 70.

Several joined Mesa County Commissioner Scott McInnis to celebrate this historical event.

As shown in the historical society records, circa 1931

January, 2015 in state of disrepair

On January 29, 2015, a team of county officials, road crew, engineers, and historical 
experts, along with Mays Concrete specialists, carefully removed the marker 

Cliff Mays, Sr. has a story behind his desire to restore the marker
"This marker brought back memories of when I first came to Grand Junction in 1959, " Cliff wrote.  He drove his 1953 Oldsmobile down the old two lane highway and when he came to the Colorado/Utah state line marker, he stopped and walked around it.  "I remember being so glad to be in Colorado."  He states he enjoyed personally working on the restoration of the marker.

The broken and bruised stately marker was transported with great care to Mays Concrete Specialties for 18 months of tender-loving-care and refurbishment.

Wrapped with care, she is ready for the move

Cliff Mays, Sr. with Commissioner Scott McInnis and Rudy Bevan (Mesa County Road & Bridge), with Kyle Vanderberg (Mays Concrete) looking on.  The marker has arrived at her critical care unit to receive her new look at May's Concrete.

During refurbishment

Brian Burthe, Mays Concrete, diligently working to prepare her for placement

Celebration Day!
June 25, 2016 

Waiting for the unveiling

The story of the marker is now placed on the back of the 'Welcome to Colorful Colorado' sign

Family and friends gather to await the unveiling

And the celebration begins...
The ceremony starts, with guest speakers for the dedication:
(from left to right) Katie Stevens, BLM, Commissioner Rose Pugliese, Garry & Barb Brewer, historians,
Commissioner John Justman, Cliff Mays, Jr., Kyle Vanderberg, Mays Concrete Specialties,
Julie Constant & Pete Baier, Mesa County Public Works

Commissioner Scott McInnis tells of the history of discussion, planning and moving of the marker

The unveiling
The first look at the refurbished marker

This little guy was quite surprised when the tarp was lifted from his 'home'
All of the little ones followed him around the marker.  He was looking for a new place to hide!
It was a great day to be celebrated by County Commissioners 
Scott McInnis, Rose Pugliese, and John Justman

Thank you to the following for their time, care, labor, materials, and research:
Mays Construction Specialties
Elam Ready Mix
Snyder Grand Valley Memorials
Master Builders Solutions - BASF
Dr. David Row
Mesa County Public Works Department
Garry & Barb Brewer

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