Friday, June 24, 2016

County officials talk to constituents at Gateway community coffee

The Commissioners, accompanied by Janice Rich (Treasurer), Patrick Coleman (County Attorney), Scott Stewart (Chief Financial Officer), Rudy Bevan (Road and Bridge Supervisor) and Frank Whidden (County Administrator) attended an evening event with constituents in Gateway yesterday evening (June 23, 2016).  The event was well attended with some 20 to 30 constituents in attendance.  

Commissioner Justman led the discussion since Gateway is in his district, District 1.  Topics ranged from improving the rear of the community building space outside to allow for additional parking, to television translator service, to increasing recreational opportunities as an economic development strategy.  There were differing opinions regarding economic development and how it might best be achieved or even if increasing development in the Gateway area is a good idea at all.  Commissioner McInnis pointed out that this is a balance that the Board continually works hard to achieve.  Commissioner Pugliese asked if anyone could point out something that the Board is not doing or might improve with regards to economic development but no suggestions were forthcoming.

It was really great to see citizens who are involved and engaged in community affairs.  Attendees had a great conversation with the Commissioners and staff took many notes about ideas to work on for the Gateway community.  And the cookies were great!!! Pictures from the event are below:


 Beautiful Gateway Colorado

 Commissioner Scott McInnis and County Attorney Patrick Coleman 
 Commissioners Rose Pugliese and John Justman
 The event was well attended

 Commissioner Pugliese and Treasurer Janice Rich

 All 3 County Commissioner's involved in a discussion with the community of Gateway

 Mesa County elected officials and road supervisor Rudy Bevan answering questions
 Mesa County Chief Financial Officer and County Attorney Patrick Coleman in attendance

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