Thursday, August 11, 2016

Mesa County 36th Annual Employee Recognition Luncheon

Mesa County celebrates and thanks their valued staff members for their dedication, loyalty, hard work, outstanding contributions, and commitment. Congratulations to all of you on your achievements and tenure recognition.

Also, a very special thank you to the Mesa County Employees Association (MCEA) for hosting the celebration!


Pam Hawkins and Frank Whidden

Braved the rain to celebrate co-workers

But first, let us take a selfie

Lunch time!

Scott McInnis and Rose Pugliese
Sheila Reiner & Lori Westermire

Frank Whidden, Pete Baier, and Greg Linza
It stopped raining for five minutes

Sheila Reiner and Melissa Herek

Joanne Hine

Raining again
Just a little bit of rain
Well, maybe a lot of rain
The guys

Recognition of 5 Year Employees:
Jane Hilt – Assessor
Gene Hughes – Assessor
Michael Peterson – Assessor
Frank Whidden – County Administrator
Casey Bartman – CJSD
Joshua Bay – CJSD
Melissa Englund – Clerk and Recorder
Amanda Polson – Clerk and Recorder
Lori Westermire – Clerk and Recorder
Brian Fuselier – DA’s Office
Michelle Houlne – DA’s Office
Scott Aker – DHS
Jackie Berry – DHS
Grant Jackson – DHS
Michael Blevins – DHS
Becky Boyd – DHS
Caitlin Donohue – DHS
Kimberly Espindola – DHS
Melissa Hatley – DHS
Amy Joy – DHS
Alexi Vincent – DHS
Candice Logsdon – DHS
Yadira Manila – DHS
Eden Martin – DHS
Melissa Schierland – DHS
Sara Tourney – DHS
Shane Chatfield – Health Dept.
Jeff Kuhr – Health Dept.
Stephanie Mothersell – Health Dept.
Melissa Salter – Health Dept.
Eric Farslow – IT
Bill Tarlton – IT
Brenda McKay – Benefits Administrator
Trent Howell – Surveyor
 Darla Krummel – Fleet
Hope Petrie – Waste Mgt.
Melissa Barney – Sheriff
Nick Bouton – Jail Operations, Sheriff
Garth Cowley - Sheriff
David Harmon – Jail Operations, Sheriff
Randy Harper – Jail Operations, Sheriff
Eric Herring – Jail Operations, Sheriff
Mark Johnson – Sheriff
Seth Parker – Sheriff
Gary Pauls Jr. – Jail Operations, Sheriff
Shane Pfister – Sheriff
Patrick Green – Surveyor

Five years working for Mesa County
Five years working for Mesa County
Patrick Green

Recognition of 10 Year Employees:
Matt Barber – Assessor’s Office
Matt Kramer – Assessor’s Office
Enola Miller – Assessor’s Office
Miranda Kinnett – CJSD
Consuelo Atencio – DHS
Tori Bozarth – DHS
Matt Furphy – DHS
Heather Jones – DHS
Candace McGuire – DHS
Elizabeth Smith – DHS
Misty Ulibarri – DHS
Melissa Watson – DHS
Federico Vargas – Facilities
Michelle Colon – Health Dept.
Jillian Miller – Health Dept.
Heather Nara – Health Dept.
Greg Rajnowski – Health Dept.
Mike Konn – Engineering Dept.
David Lay – Engineering Dept.
Paul Popish – Fleet
Eric Sawyer – Road and Bridge
Kathy Young – RTPO
Ben Carnes – Sheriff’s Dept.
Mary Gonzales – Sheriff’s Dept.
Lorene Hernandez – Sheriff’s Dept.
Gina Tedesco – CJSD
April Prock – DHS
Amanda Erkman – Sheriff’s Dept.
Cynthia Lambert – Sheriff’s Dept
Cathy Tate – Sheriff’s Dept.

Ten years working for Mesa County

Ten years working for Mesa County
Federico Vargas (center)

Recognition of 15 Year Employees:
Anna Kline – Attorney’s Office
Chad Music – CJSD
Virginia Baughman – Clerk’s Office
Sheila Reiner – MC Clerk and Recorder
Moira Cross – DHS
Blanche Means-McDonald – DHS
Lora Thompson – DHS
Judy Barnett – Finance
Mariann Baca – Health Dept.
Lhana Jordan – IT
Dave Underwood – IT
Randall Price – Planning
Pam Hawkins – Public Works
Danny Click – Road and Bridge
Gabe Hardies – Road and Bridge
Matt Woodring – Road and Bridge
Brian Pobirk – Traffic Dept.
Jean Boothe – Risk
Vicki Andreen – Sheriff’s Dept.
Jeremy Balleweg – Sheriff’s Dept.
David Benjamin – Sheriff’s Dept.
Carolyn McFarland – Sheriff’s Dept.
Lisa Peck – Sheriff’s Dept.
Eric Sperber – Sheriff’s Dept. 

Sheila Reiner & Rose Pugliese
Carolyn Mcfarland (walking to the podium) 
Ginny Baughman

Recognition of 20 Year Employees: 
Joel Bishop – CJSD 
Eudora Martinez – DHS 
Michelle Trujillo – DHS 
James Mackley – Facilities 
Pete Baier – Public Works Director 
Rudy Bevan – Road and Bridge Supervisor 
Boyd Vanlandingham – Road and Bridge 
Robert Beagley – Sheriff’s Dept. 
Pete Dalrymple – Sheriff’s Dept. 
Jeremy Dillon – Sheriff’s Dept. 
Lori Grover – Sheriff’s Dept. 
Dave Holdren – Sheriff’s Dept. 
Matt Lewis – Mesa County Sheriff 
Connie Olson – Sheriff’s Dept.
Wayne Weyler – Sheriff’s Dept.

Michelle Trujillo and Eudora Martinez

Rudy Bevan (straight ahead, wearing ball cap)
Jeremy "Mike" Dillion

Connie Olson
Matt Lewis and Scott McInnis
Butch VanLandingham

Recognition of 25 Year Employees:
Donald Hendricks-SO
Lissah Norcross-SO
George Salazar-ASSR
Dianna Valdez-ASSR
Shirley Taylor-Health
Frank Kochevar-PW-Eng

Don Hendricks
Pam Hawkins and Dianna Valdez
Shirley Taylor
Frank Kochevar ( in the ball cap)
Recognition of 30 Year Employees: 
Nancy Ahrens-DHS 
Carla Dittman-SO
Jerry Herrera-R&B, 
Allen Kiefer-R&B 

Nancy Ahrens
Carla Dittman
Matt Lewis and Carla Dittman

Recognition of 35 Year Employees: 
Sandra Sebold-DHS

Sandra Seabold

Congratulations to everyone on your milestones and ongoing hard work!

Bonus pictures

The ladies at Public Works are all smiles. They are up to something.

Julie Constan squirts water

Connie Hahn running around with a water bottle 

Scott McInnis tells Rose Pugliese there is a bug on him
It's a spider!
It's a plastic spider!

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