Thursday, August 18, 2016

News Release from Mesa County Elections Department

24-hour ballot box moves from Fairgrounds to Grand Valley Transit 

August 17, 2016 – The 24-hour drop box located at Mesa County Fairgrounds has been moved to the Grand Valley Transit building at 612 24 ½ Rd in Grand Junction (pictured below). The relocation was done in an effort to fulfill the need of voter traffic in the northwest portion of the city and increase the usage of the box, which was underutilized at its old location. 

Google Maps
Voters who are used to dropping off their ballot at the Fairgrounds will still be able to vote at the location in the future as it will continue to serve as a voter service and polling center for Mesa County Elections.

 For any additional information or to share comments, you may contact the Elections office by email at or by phone at (970) 244-1662.

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