Friday, August 12, 2016

This Week in Pics

Mesa County elected officials toured the new R-5 High School and Summit School Program Building located at 455 N. 22nd St. in Grand Junction.


Commissioner John Justman and Sheriff Lewis touring the new school

Sheriff Lewis and Representative Yuelin Willett

The Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS) as part of their 2016 CDHS Summer Planning tour, held a town hall in Mesa County to present the state's priorities for the year and receive feedback on the local level.

Commissioner Pugliese giving feedback

Reggie Bicha, Executive Director of the Colorado Department of Human Services and Commissioner Rose Pugliese

From left, William Hays and Jeff Kuhr, Executive Director,
Mesa County Health Department

Tracey Garchar, Executive Director, Mesa County Department of Human Services

Scott Aker and Grant Jackson, Mesa County DHS

Mesa County DHS voices their priorities

Commissioner John Justman 


The Mesa County Noxious Weed Management doing what they do best, monitoring and managing weeds. 

Teresa Nees and the Noxious weed management crew treat purple loosestrife near the Colorado River.

Purple loosestrife

Teresa Nees of Noxious Weed Management (right) was interviewed by Erin McIntyre on KAFM 88.1 about ornamental noxious weed eradication and upcoming public events. 

2016 Clerks Conference

Sheila Reiner with Medal of Honor recipient Staff Sergeant Salvatore Giunta after his speech.

Sheila Reiner presents the status and latest progress made by the CSTARS committee while speaking at the Conference.

CCCAbooksigning - Bobbie Gross and Rose Tafoya meet Salvatore Giunta after his speech. Each person in attendance received a signed copy of his book

Sheila Reiner received a commemorative pin from the Secretary of State's office recognizing ten years as a Certified Election Official in the state of Colorado.

The Mesa County Sheriff's Office hosted a drone demonstration to talk about the rules people need to follow to avoid hefty fines. They also addressed the public's concern about privacy when someone else is using a drone near their homes. The Mesa County Sheriff's Office started using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in 2009 under guidelines set by the FAA.

Ben Miller getting ready to do the drone demonstration

Media and public learn best practices and how to operate a drone

Drone in the air

Deputy Corben Telinde was at Candlewood Park and stopped by to say hello to a group kiddos selling refreshments to all of the Pokemon players in their neighborhood. 

Cadey, A.J, and Ryver are selling refreshments to all of the Pokemon players and said thank you to our deputy who stopped by.

Mesa County 36th Annual Employee Recognition Luncheon

Waiting in line to get some food

Potato salad, watermelon, hamburgers, and hotdogs!

Good turnout at the 36th Annual Employee Recognition Luncheon  

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