Friday, August 26, 2016

This Week in Pics

The Board of Mesa County Commissioners attended the Economic Development Summit hosted by the Associated Governments of Northwest Colorado (AGNC). Commissioner Pugliese participated as a panel member and proudly spoke about how Mesa County became a Jump-Start Community.

The Board of Mesa County Commissioners
From left, John Justman, Mike Samson and Ray Beck 
From left, Rose Pugliese, Kathy Hall and Yeulin Willett

Economic Development Summit
Commissioner Pugliese shares her ideas on economic development

From left, John Justman, Glen McClelland and Scott McInnis
Mesa County panel members getting ready to speak about becoming a Jump Start Community. Panel members: Panel Members: Kristi Pollard, GJEP; Derek Wagner, CMU; Phyllis Norris, GJ Mayor; Rose Pugliese, Mesa County Commissioner; Glenn McClelland, TSW Analytics (Jump Start Company); Ken Jensen, OEDIT. 

Mesa County was the 1st Jump-Start Community in Colorado 
Bonnie Peterson with AGNC 
Commissioner Pugliese catching up with members of the tech industry

The Facilities Department protects and maintains the County's buildings and properties to ensure a safe work environments for employees and citizens.

From left, Jim Mackley and Dan Adams

If you need landscaping ideas visit the Xeric Garden, located at the Mesa County Tri River Area CSU Extension campus, the garden features cacti and succulents. While you are there visit the Ute Learning Garden.

Xeric Garden
Ute Leaning Garden

Mesa County Fairgrounds Manager Donna Redd gave Inside Mesa County class participants a tour of the grounds.

Donna Redd talks about the variety of events that are hosted in the Mahindra Arena 

Mahindra Arena
United Companies Arena
Paul Hamer on the tractor
2016 Fall Inside Mesa County class
Tour of the Mesa County Fairgrounds

The Information Technology Department (IT) works as a team to provide leadership, service and support to County users in information technology systems to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of County services.

Teamwork at its best.   

Foster Care of Mesa County launched their Foster Family Recruitment Campaign. Co-chairs Chris Thomas, John Camper, Steve Schultz and Janet Rowland held a press conference to challenge the community to bring in 25 new foster families by Christmas.

Kari Daggett Mesa County Child Welfare Director

GJPD Chief John Camper 

Community Hospital CEO Chris Thomas

School District 51 Board member Steve Shultz

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