Wednesday, October 5, 2016

County Commissioner Pugliese tours Jordan Cove site

Mesa County Commissioner Pugliese along with other leaders who are in support of the Jordan Cove Liquefaction and Pacific Connector Pipeline Projects, traveled to the Pacific coast to continue to voice their strong support.

Commissioner Pugliese toured the Jordan Cove facility, in Coos Bay, Oregon, and met with Coos County Commissioner Melissa Cribbins, State Representative Caddy McKeown and officials of the Port of Coos Bay. Much of their discussions were centered around economic recovery for rural Coos County and western Colorado counties that have been struggling financially for quite some time.

Other topics included the potential opportunity that the pipeline would have in stabilizing our economy from the boom and bust cycles, and the benefits to Japan, both from a geopolitical stabilization perspective and from an environmental standpoint.

If approved, the project would allow exports of liquefied natural gas (LNG) from northwestern Colorado to the Asian market.

An invitation was extended to the Coos Bay community to come to western Colorado to see firsthand the "other side of the pipeline."

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