Friday, October 14, 2016

This Week in Pics

Property in East Orchard Mesa has been transformed from an old orchard at risk of becoming a host site for disease and insect infestation to a healthy and thriving orchard! The collaborative efforts by Mesa County Noxious Weed & Pest Management, Upper Grand Valley Pest Control District and property owners made the land reclamation a great success.

Before land reclamation and mitigation  
After: a beautiful orchard.

Mel Bamford with Noxious Weed Management searches and removes diffuse knapweed along 59 Road, south of Collbran on a beautiful autumn day.

Each quarter the Criminal Justice Services Department recognizes an employee who has demonstrated outstanding service through their work while exhibiting a positive and supportive attitude. This quarter's winner is Criminal Justice Office Eli Stemrich!

Congratulations to Eli Stemrich, right, who was nominated by his peers for CJSD employee of the quarter. Treatment Director Jason Talley, left, presents the recognition cake.
Director Dennis Berry, right, along with CJSD staff give Eli Stemrich, left a round of applause.

The Criminal Justice Services Department put on a chili cook-off and had over 35 chili judges! 
CJSD chili cook-off in full swing
It's a tough job being a CJSD chili cook-off judge...serious competition.
Carol Parker is the winner! Congrats!

Health Inspector Heather Nara speaks to her coworkers at Mesa County Health Department about Triad EAP benefits and how to use them at the MCHD Quarterly All Staff Meeting on Tuesday.  

Executive Director Jeff Kuhr, right, assists with tech support after welcoming new employees. 

Animal Services Ambassador Sherman, takes his job very seriously. He is the official greeter, and he even has a Facebook page! Sherman has been recovering from a surgery he had back in September. He is recovering well and back to work!

Sherman is always busy at the office.
We are glad to see Sherman recovering well and back to work!

Sargeant Lee takes the Inside Mesa County (IMC) class on a tour of the Mesa County Jail.

IMC class participants walk to the Mesa County Jail for a tour.
Sargeant Lee talks to the IMC class about the jail intake process.
Sargeant Lee

This week Mesa County Administrator Frank Whidden presented the proposed 2017 budget to the Board of County Commissioners. 

Administrator Frank Whidden talks to KKCO 11 News Reporter Makenzie O'Keefe about the budget challenges Mesa County is facing. 
KKCO 11 News Reporter Makenzie O'Keefe interviews Commissioner Justman. 
Commissioner McInnis talks to KKCO 11 News Reporter Makenzie O'Keefe about the reduction of revenues and how it affects the County's budget
KREX Channel 5 News Reporter Brandon Thompson interviews Commissioner McInnis on the proposed 2017 budget. 

Commissioner Pugliese gives the Chamber Government Affairs Committee an update on what Mesa County is working on and toward.

Commissioner Pugliese talks about the economic and legislative priorities for Mesa County 

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