Friday, November 18, 2016

This Week in Pics

Check out some of the happenings around your Mesa County government this week! 
Enjoy your holiday next week - many county offices will be closed Thursday and Friday. 

Road and Bridge Crew Manager Jerry Herrera (bottom left) and Matt Woodring (to his right), and crew pour the foundation for the new traffic department storage building (off Coffman Road) on Wednesday morning.  The building will be used for storing painting materials, paint truck and bucket truck.

Child Welfare Director Kari Daggett and CASA Director Janet Rowland speak to The Sentinel's reporters at the child abuse forum.

Sheriff Matt Lewis addresses child abuse forum attendees about child abuse statistics in Mesa County. 

Over a 100 concerned citizens attended the community forum on child abuse.

At Monday's Administrative Hearing, the Mesa County Commissioners proclaimed November 2016 as Adoption Awareness Month. Every single child deserves a safe home and a loving family to protect and care for them.

Mesa County elected officials meet with our legislators to discuss 2017 legislation. From left: Sheriff Lewis, State Representative Thurlow, State Senator Scott, State Representative Yeulin Willett.
Commissioner Pugliese and State Senator Scott discuss 2017 legislative prioroties.

Commissioner McInnis, left, and State Senator Scott, right, discuss conservation easements.

Sheriff Lewis and State Representative Willett discuss public safety legislation. 

MCHD staff members from the Consumer Protection, Epidemiology & Health Analytics and Communication teams recently began meeting monthly to tackle some of the issues the teams face when working together. The meetings have resulted in solutions to problems and questions that arise during disease outbreaks in Mesa County. Cohesion between these teams allows them the ability to respond quickly and efficiently.

Mesa County Commissioners proclaimed November 2016 as Diabetes Awareness Month. Diabetes is a serious, incurable disease that affects millions. An increase in community awareness of risk factors and symptoms related to the disease can improve the likelihood that people with diabetes will get the attention they need before suffering devastating complications.

Election Judges work to adjudicate ballots while watchers look on.

Clerk & Recorder Sheila Reiner helps process ballots on election night.

Clerk & Recorder Sheila Reiner hard at work helping staff process ballots on election night.

From left, Elvis (Clerk Division Director Jackie Campbell) dropped by to sing Motor Vehicle Manager Janet Williams a goodbye song as she prepares to retire Jan. 3.

 Motor Vehicle Manager Janet Williams, center right, excited about retiring.
Teresa Nees with Noxious Weed & Pest Management finished up a grant report and got a break from the office to do this: Spray some weeds and rinse out a sprayer for probably the last time this year.(check out the storm rolling by in the background!)

Teresa Nees goes on air at KAFM 88.1  "Know Your County" to introduce the noxious weed program and the Upper Grand Valley Pest Control District to the community.

Check out the view from the road on the way to the Mesa County Landfill and Compost Facility on Thursday afternoon.

Snow on Hwy 50 at MM 51 taken Thursday by a Mesa County Sheriff's Office deputy.

Deputy Mark Johnson and his red-tailed hawk named Shimri.
Deputy Mark Johnson is a licensed Falconer and showed students at Scenic Elementary School just what Shimri (the hawk) can do. 
Deputy Mark Johnson taught Scenic Elementary students about this beautiful chickenhawk.

Deputy Mark Johnson, Shimri and Scenic Elementry students.

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