Friday, January 8, 2016

This week in pics, Jan. 8

Dan Caris of Mesa County Public Works stands in front of the new Community Hospital Building Thursday.  He was there with Darrell Bay, chief building official, for a meeting with contractors. 

Public Works is doing a bridge replacement at 14 Road and M 3/10 Road.

Here's another bridge replacement for the Public Works team. This one is at 21 Road and H 4/10 Road.

From left, Commissioners Scott McInnis, Rose Pugliese and John Justman at Tuesday's Land Use Hearing. 

From left, Commissioners Rose Pugliese, John Justman and Scott McInnis at Tuesday's Grand Junction Lions Club luncheon. 

Assessor Ken Brownlee, right, with a fellow Grand Junction Lions Club member at their luncheon on Tuesday. The Commissioners spoke at the lunch.

From left, Commissioners Scott McInnis and John Justman with Heather Benjamin and Commissioner Rose Pugliese. Benjamin, spokeswoman for the Mesa County Sheriff's Office, was named 2015 Public Information Officer of the Year, and the Commissioners formally recognized her for that honor at Monday's Administrative hearing. 

The public hearing room was fairly full at Monday's Administrative Hearing. 

The Commissioners on Monday formally recognized Heather Benjamin, Mesa County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman, for being named Colorado's 2015 Public Information Officer of the Year. Here she is with one of her daughters. 

Mesa County Weed and Pest celebrated Christmas with a custom-made weed-spraying system for the UTV and ...

a shiny new toolbox!

Nurse-Family Partnership nurses Amber Mackey, left, and Jana Joramo work with first-time mothers in Mesa County. NFP nurses support mothers though pregnancy and the first two years of parenting.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Commissioners speak at GJ Lions Club lunch

The Mesa County Commissioners Tuesday spoke at the Grand Junction Lions Club lunch at Two Rivers Convention Center. 

Each Commissioner gave individual remarks before opening it up to the group for questions.

Topics included the county budget, capital projects, economic development, core services, the BMX track at the Fairgrounds, the Museum of Western Colorado and oil/gas leases on the Thompson Divide.

Here are some photos of the event:

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Sheriff's Office spokeswoman receives top honor

Heather Benjamin, spokesperson for the Mesa County Sheriff's Office, recently was named 2015 Public Information Officer of the year.

The Mesa County Commissioners on Monday formally recognized Benjamin for the honor, presenting her with a certificate of achievement during their administrative hearing.

Heather Benjamin, 2015 PIO of the Year.
From left, Commissioners Scott McInnis and John Justman with Heather Benjamin and Commissioner Rose Pugliese.

Property taxes due

The 2015 Property Tax Roll (due in 2016) has been certified.  

While the Mesa County Treasurer's Office anticipates that Property Tax Statements will be in the mail stream by Jan. 22, the office invites residents to utilize their website - - to review property taxes owing.  

“It is very easy to click on Pay/View Property Taxes. From that point, follow the directions to see taxes owing for 2015, payable in 2016. You are welcome to call our office for property tax information,” said County Treasurer Janice Rich.

Colorado law [CRS 39-10-104.5] requires payments in two equal installments, the first being due on or before the last day of February, and the second installment to be paid no later than the 15th day of June.  If you are paying your taxes in full, a single payment is due on or before the last day of April