Friday, June 10, 2016

This week in pics, June 6-10, 2016

This week in pics, June 6-10, 2016

 Alan Barbee and Katie Ash with Noxious Weed Management bagging a big catch of Dame's rocket!

 Commissioner Scott McInnis talking to County Administrator Frank Whidden at the Tri-County meeting hosted by Mesa County Friday June 10.

 Commissioner Rose Pugliese talking with a constituent interested in the Tri-County meeting.
 Commissioner John Justman and Montrose County staff 
 At the Tri-County meeting
 Commissioner Pugliese working at the CCI convention
 Commissioner Justman working at the CCI convention
 Commissoner Scott McInnis during a working lunch at CCI
 Commissioner Rose Pugliese during a working lunch at CCI
Irv Halter, Executive Director of DOLA during a working lunch at CCI

Mesa County hosts Delta and Montrose Counties at Tri-County Meeting

Tri-County Meeting with Delta, Montrose and Mesa Counties

The Mesa County Commissioners have had a busy week!  Earlier in the week the Commissioners were at Colorado Counties, Inc. (CCI) to meet and work with Commissioners from around the state.  An earlier post described the CCI meetings.  Today the Commissioners met with the Commissioners from Delta and Montrose Counties and worked through lunch in order to cover as many pertinent issues as possible.

By far the largest topic of mutual concern to all three counties was public lands.  The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the U.S. Interior Department continue to make decisions that negatively impact economic development and multi-use of our public lands.  From the Dominguez-Escalante National Conservation Area (NCA), to the new BLM 2.0 planning initiative, and protected wildlife habitat, there seems to be a continuing drum roll sounding out against local concerns.

The Commissioners from all three counties agreed to renew their efforts to make sure local voices are heard.  It was also agreed that most of the opposition that local governing officials face comes from Washington, D.C. and not from local BLM officials.  The Commissioners noted it was very frustrating to see Interior Department officials ignore voices like our Senator Gardner who understands the issues of rural Colorado especially with regard to our public lands.

 Commissioner Scott McInnis and Administrator Frank Whidden
 Commissioner Rose Pugliese and constituent 
Commissioner John Justman and Montrose County staff

Commissioner Rose Pugliese stays on top of the important issues at CCI

Commissioner Rose Pugliese stays on top of the important issues at CCI

Here Rose is seen moderating a meeting at CCI

Mesa County Commissioner Rose Pugliese was hard at work this week at the summer convention of Colorado Counties, Inc. or CCI. Rose just completed serving a one year term as President of the CCI Western Region where she led the region on important issues including: severance tax, transportation funding, and child welfare.

Commissioner Pugliese stayed after the closing of the CCI summer convention to weigh in on the Child Welfare Allocation Committee (CWAC). She was intent on making sure that children of Mesa County get their fair share of the funding. In the continuing battle to increase economic development, Rose remains aware that we cannot forget the most vulnerable among us - our children. 

Commissioner Pugliese networking with other Commissioners. From working lunches, to constant conversation with other members of local governments, she is staying on top of the issues. 

The Mesa County Commissioners attend CCI in Steamboat Springs

The Commissioners were working hard on behalf of Mesa County this week at the summer convention of Colorado Counties, Inc. or CCI. The summer convention was held in Routt County/Steamboat Springs. CCI is an association made up of County Commissioners with representatives from most of Colorado. The CCI conventions afford an opportunity for Mesa County Commissioners to network with Commissioners statewide and to weigh in on matters of interest at a statewide, regional, and local level.

CCI has numerous committees devoted to special issues and our Commissioners have served on several of those committees. For instance, Commissioner Pugliese currently serves on the local government committee and the child welfare allocation committee. Commissioner Pugliese also just completed her term as President of CCI's Western District, which includes Mesa County. 

Commissioner Justman is involved in issues such as agriculture and water, which are of great importance to the Western Slope and Mesa County; but are also important at the state level. Water continues to be a critical issue across the western United States and the Colorado River that flows through Mesa County is always central to discussions about water, its conservation and use. Commissioner Justman serves as the expert on water issues in Mesa County.

Commissioner McInnis usually prefers to work quietly among his fellow Commissioners, but his opinion and influence are avidly sought and highly regarded. It is clear from his interactions with fellow Commissioners around the state that his opinion and support are important on a wide rage of issues. Land use and conservation continue to be hot topics statewide, and Commissioner McInnis is a thought leader in this area. 

Road Closure on Kingsview Road

Road Closure during chip seal on Kingsview Road from the end of the 
asphalt to the Devil's Canyon Trailhead.

In an effort to keep county roads safe and operable, the City of Fruita is partnering with Mesa County to chip seal roads in Fruita this year. As part of the effort, a double chip seal is planned on Kingsview Road from the end of the asphalt to the Devils Canyon Trailhead. This process will require closures of the Devil's Canyon Trailhead, which can have an impact on anyone planning recreational activities in this area. The tentative schedule of closures includes 3 dates: June 27, June 30, and July 5. Mesa County will be placing a variable message board on Kingsview Road 10 days prior to the closure to provide notice to citizens. 

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Overlay and Chip Seal activity for the week of June 13, 2016

Overlay and Chip Seal activity for the week of June 13, 2016

A message from Mesa County Department of Public Works and Division of Transportation

Here is the list of activities for Overlay and Chip Seal for the week of June 13, 2016.
Please note Chip Seal is going on in Fruita.



Manhole Adjustments:

Will begin at the following locations, starting on:

31 1/2 Road    E 1/2 Rd to F 3/4 Rd

 F  3/4 Rd        31 Rd to 31 1/2 Rd

And in the following subdivisions: Orchard Run, Irish Walk, and Arrowhead Subdivisions.

Chip & Seal

6/13     LSW Ball Field           Ball park North of K on 18 Rd

6/14     LSW Ball Field           Ball park North of K on 18 Rd
            Heritage Park              Parking lot next to Frontage Rd        

6/15     Wildcat Ave                Pine to Freemont (18 Rd to 18 1/2 Rd)
            19 Road                      Hwy 6 to J Rd

6/16     South Maple St           Frontage Rd to Kaley St


Wednesday, June 8, 2016

An Important Message from the Mesa County Elections Office

Surveys ask residents, businesses about broadband service

Mesa and Garfield Counties are asking business owners and residents to take a confidential survey regarding current broadband Internet service.

The survey is the first step in a plan that will outline how to improve service throughout the region and the role of local governments in the process. The two counties have hired NEO Connect to prepare the broadband plan. 

There are two surveys: one for residents, one for business owners. The surveys ask users what they currently pay for service and what they’d be willing to pay in the future, as well as their thoughts on local government’s role in helping to improve broadband services throughout the community. 

Before taking the survey, users should take a broadband speed test by going to (Those using an Apple or Android device, should go to Users should take the speed test during the time of day they most frequently use broadband service. 

Business owners, take the survey at this link:

For more information, e-mail