Friday, July 29, 2016

This Week in Pics

The Mesa County Detention Facility has two new members. Deputy Edward McQuillian and Mitchell Peretti were sworn in by Sheriff Matt Lewis on Monday, July 25th. 

Swearing in ceremony

It's official! Congratulatrions, Deputy McQuillian and Peretti

Sarah Wilson, Alan Barbee and Katie Ash, Noxious Weed Management Crew

The first Yellow Starthistle of the season above Mesa

Katie Ash, Alan Barbee, Teresa Nees, and Sarah Wilson with Noxious Weed Management helped host a field trip for STARS summer camp at James M. Robb State Park in Fruita.

On Sunday, deputies and investigators teamed up with the Grand Junction Police Department (GJPD) to meet and greet the C.O.P.S. Kids (Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.) Outward Bound experience for children of officers that have been killed in the line of duty.)

Kids, ages 13-20, flew into Grand Junction from all over the country, in preparation for a week-long rafting trip. Guests were met at the airport by local law enforcement, and had the privilege of spending the day with them, playing games, providing meals, and getting to know a little about them. 

C.O.P.S. is a great organization that provides countless resources to families that have been affected by tragic losses. We were honored to get to contribute to their mission!

C.O.P.S. Kids
C.O.P.S. Kids

The Sheriff's Office searching for the missing Delta County woman 

Staging area for search and rescue crews in Uncompahgre National Forest

MSCO crews look over search area

Mesa County Sheriff's Office Wildland Team worked along wide BLM, U.S. Forest Service, Lands Ends Fire Protection District and Rifle's Helitack team to knock down the Gibbler Gulch fire. It's now contained, but crews will work throughout today to mop up any remaining hot spots.

Rifle Helitack helicopter lands after making water drops
Emergency response vehicle
MSCO Wildland Team members mopping up Gibbler Gulch fire
Gibbler Gulch fire
MCSO Wildland Team members chopping down a tree still on fire

County officials listened to constituents at Palisade community coffee

The Mesa County Commissioners joined by the Mesa County Treasurer and Assessor hosted a community coffee Thursday afternoon in Palisade at the Slice O' Life Bakery. The gathering was an opportunity for constituents to discuss their concerns or interests with the county officials. Thank you to all that came out and participated.

Commissioner John Justman

Palisade community coffee

Commissioner Pugliese in conversation with her constituents

Janice Rich, Mesa County Treasurer, Ken Brownlee, Mesa County Assessor, and  Mel Mulder

Constituents expressing their interests 

Commissioner Scott McInnis

Commissioner Pugliese and Administrator Frank listening to business

Frank Whidden, Mesa County Administrator & Rudy Bevan, Road Supervisor

Commissioner Justman listening to a constituent 

Commissioner Justman and McInnis enjoying conversation with Mr. Talbott 

Conversations happening all around 

Slice O' Life Bakery's menu

Commissioner Rose Pugliese

Slice O' Life Bakery in Palisade, Colorado

Gift Card Exchange for Removal of Noxious Weeds

The Mesa County Noxious Weed & Pest Management presents a Gift Card Exchange Program. Help eliminate noxious weeds and receive a gift card to a local nursery in exchange!

Several popular ornamental landscaping plants are State-regulated noxious weeds.
Check your flower-beds to see if you have one of the following:

Giant reed grass (Arundo donax)

  • A bamboo-like perennial grass
  • Can grow 20+ feet tall 
  • Spreads mainly through its vast root system
  • An aggressive, non-native species that has overtaken many acres of wetland/riparian corridors throughout the Southwestern U.S. and can reduce wildlife habitat, increase fire risk, and interfere with flood control while suppressing native plant growth

    Plants might not be easily removed by pulling/digging as roots left in the ground can regenerate; however, they can be effectively managed with proper herbicide application (click here for further details). It is important to take proper precautions to protect yourself when cutting down/digging up plants as the woody like stalks can cause cuts/slivers, and from exposure to any herbicides by wearing proper attire.

Cypress spurge (Euphorbia cyparissias)

  • A popular plant in rock gardens in the Grand Valley.
  • Low-growing perennial 
  • Thin, bright green, needle-like leaves, and unique yellow-green flowers that can turn reddish when spherical seed pods form
  • All parts of the plant contain a white latex sap that can cause mild to severe skin, eye, and respiratory irritation

  • Plants can be removed by pulling/digging up the entire plant including the tap-root, or sprayed with a recommended herbicide (click here for further details). It is important to take proper precautions to protect yourself from exposure to the toxic sap and any herbicides by wearing appropriate attire.

Myrtle spurge (Euphorbia myrsinites)

  • A popular plant in rock gardens in the Grand Valley 
  • Low-growing perennial plant 
  • Thick blue-green leaves (somewhat resembling a succulent), and unique yellow-green flowers that can turn reddish when spherical seed pods form
  • All parts of the plant contain a white latex sap that can cause mild to severe skin, eye, and respiratory irritation

  • Plants can be removed by pulling/digging up the entire plant including the tap-root, or sprayed with a recommended herbicide. It is important to take proper precautions to protect yourself from exposure to the toxic sap and any herbicides by wearing proper attire.

The following methods are recommended to control this noxious weed on your property:
Mechanically cut old/dead giant reed grass stalks down, as close to the ground as applicable.
  • Remove all cut GRG foliage from the property and properly discard in the landfill or by burning not composting. 
  • Spray remaining green/live stalks with a mixture of a 2% - 8% solution of glyphosate, along with a surfactant. Read and follow all labeled directions when using any herbicide. 
  • Check for potential re-growth in future seasons and re-spray when plants are at least 6 inches tall if necessary.

To redeem a gift card to a local nursery, please provide proof of the removal/treatment of the above outlined noxious weeds on your property in the following way before August 31:
  • Take before and after photos of the area where the plants are located, with a distinguishing feature on your property somewhere in the pictures so we can confirm that these plants were indeed located on and removed from your property. Please take care to dispose of plants in the trash or landfill (NOT the compost!) so pieces do not get littered around. If you choose to spray plants, please describe your actions and take the “after” picture when plants show signs of herbicide poisoning. 
  • Send pictures by email to or text them 970.250.3174 with your contact information and property address included. 
  • Noxious Weed Management crew members will be conducting site visits to confirm removal/treatment during the week of August 29, and will be available to assist with identification and limited removal efforts throughout the summer. 
  • When removal or effective treatment is confirmed by the Mesa County Noxious Weed & Pest Coordinator, a gift card to a local nursery will be mailed to the property owner/occupant that submitted the pictures. 
  • Please keep in mind that continued monitoring and removal/treatment of these noxious weeds may be required for 3-5 years as established stands may have abundant nutrient reserves in the roots and viable seeds left in the soil and can continue to persist in growth after initial treatment/removal. Continued treatment or removal when new growth is present will help eventually deplete the energy storage and seed bank of the plant. 

Mesa County Noxious Weed & Pest Management is a program dedicated to locating, treating, and educating the public about noxious weeds in conjunction with the Colorado State Department of Agriculture and other agencies. This project is funded by Mesa County and the Colorado Department of Agriculture. We thank you for your cooperative efforts in noxious weed management!

*Gift cards are valued from $15-$25 to a local nursery of Mesa County Noxious Weed Management’s discretion and are available on a first-come-first-serve basis while supplies last.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Commissioners’​ ​letters approved at the Administrative Hearing of July 25, 2016

This morning the Board of County Commissioners (BoCC) authorized and signed a letter to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) as the County's formal protest to the Proposed Resource Management Plan (PRMP) and Final Environmental Impact Statement for the Dominguez-Escalante National Conservation Area.

The County's protest is based on input from the public, cooperating agencies, and the advisory council throughout the six-year planning process.

The BoCC strongly expresses multiple-use should be administered in an appropriate manner since outdoor recreation is vital to Mesa County's economy, but most importantly the BLM should not obstruct citizens from accessing their public lands.

The second letter signed by the Board was also to the BLM, which outlined the scoping comments on the Federal Coal Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement (PEIS).

The letter is a formal follow-up to verbal testimony that was given by Commissioner John Justman at the Grand Junction, Colorado, BLM public input meeting regarding the federal coal program. Commissioner Justman stated that the three-year coal lease sale moratorium along with other anti-coal actions imposed by the federal government negatively impacts Mesa County's economy.