Friday, January 27, 2017

This Week in Pics

Mesa County Road and Bridge staff work through the night to remove snow accumulation on Powderhorn Road.

Plows push snow to the road shoulder to restore the width of Powderhorn road. The maintenance was done after midnight to avoid causing traffic delays. 

 The Workforce Center hosts a big hiring event that attracted many job seekers on Thursday.

Freddy's steakburgers staff conducts hiring interviews.

The staging area for applicants waiting for their interview at the Mesa County Workforce Center, 512 29 1/2 Road. 

The line of applicants waiting to be interviewed curled around through the hallways at the Workforce Center, 512 29 1/2 Road.

Mesa County Sheriff's Office Information & Communication Manager Megan Terlecky (left) and Mesa County Health Department Information & Communication Manager Katie Goddeyne (right) gave a social media training to the Mesa County Medical Reserve Corps. Wednesday night. The pair worked together to explain social media basics, and the group discussed how those outlets would be used during an emergency.

Travis Dorr (MCHD), center, Melanie Simons (CDPHE-OEPR), right, and Chris Mitchell, left,  (Onward Innovation) spent time at the Centers for Disease Control with 50+ preparedness partners from around the country to collaborate on a new document for Medical Countermeasure Operations.

From right to left: Travis Dorr (MCHD) and Melanie Simons (CDPHE-OEPR) assist in developing local and state level response plans that incorporate medical countermeasures. Medical countermeasures are resources (pills, vaccinations, medical supplies, etc.) that could be used by the public health department and healthcare providers to care for the population of a community during events that overwhelm the healthcare system and/or cause a threat to the health of the population in general.
 KREX  News Channel 5 Chelsea Helms interviews Kate Geer in honor of Deputy Derek Geer's memory.
The Sheriff's Office thanks our community for the support given to them each and every day! 
The Mesa County Commissioners today proclaimed January 2017, as National Crime Stoppers Awareness Month and called upon residents to join Crime Stoppers of Mesa County to help prevent crime and make our community safer.

January is National Crime Stoppers Awareness Month in Mesa County. The Crime Stoppers of Mesa County program was founded in 1983 through the efforts of local law enforcement agencies and dedicated community members. The program operates as an independent organization to help fight crime in our community.

Mesa County Building inspectors verify fire-blocking and fire rated assembly requirements at the new senior living facility located at 628 26 1/2 Road.
Mesa County inspectors verify the required engineered connections and shear framing to make sure it complies with the approved design at the new senior living facility located at 628 26 1/2 Road.
Mesa County Building Department checks for accessibility requirements such as required handicap parking spaces, signage and  accessible routes for ADA access at the new nursing and patient recovery facility at 2594 Patterson Road.

 Clerk & Recorder Sheila Reiner focusing on her canvass in a painting class at he 2017 Colorado County Clerks Conference in Colorado Springs.

From left to right: Sheila Reiner and Melissa Herek, Bobbie Gross and Jackie Campbell attended presentations on Recording and Motor Vehicle at the 2017 Colorado County Clerks Conference in Colorado Springs.

From left to right: Jesse Redmond, Melissa Herek and Bobbie Gross at the conference's opening presentation.

Elections Director Amanda Polson at the Colorado County Clerks conference's opening presentation.

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