Monday, February 27, 2017

Mesa County residents can spay/neuter pets for a reduced cost

The Mesa County Animal Welfare Partnership (MCAWP) is partnering with area veterinarians to offer spay and neuter vouchers for Mesa County pet owners. With these vouchers, the cost of the procedure will be $25 to the pet owner. The Animal Assistance Foundation has provided funding for more than 360 sterilization procedures, and local veterinarians have agreed to offer the procedures to Mesa County citizens at a substantially reduced rate. Pet owners will be required to provide proof of a current rabies vaccination at the time of the procedure. If the animal does not have a current rabies vaccination, the owner will be required to pay for that service.

The vouchers are intended to help people with financial need and will be given out on a first-come, first-served basis starting Wednesday (March 1). The vouchers are valid through Sept. 30.

The case for sterilization is strong. Spaying or neutering helps pets live longer, healthier lives. And by managing overpopulation in the community, we ensure that all pets have access to the five freedoms - freedom from hunger and thirst, discomfort, pain, injury or disease, fear and distress and freedom to express normal behavior.

To obtain a voucher, interested pet owners should contact one of these veterinarians:

All Pets Center – (970) 241-1976
Animal Birth Control – (970) 523-5487
Amigo Animal Clinic– (970) 245-0210
Arrowhead Veterinary Hospital – (970) 858-8881
Cottonwood Veterinary Hospital – (970) 245-0135
Desert Spring Veterinary Services – (970) 858-8063
Dr. Jean Fromm, DVM – (970) 434-0811
Footprints Animal Hospital – (970) 241-4247
Grand View Animal Hospital – (970) 523-2060
Orchard Mesa Veterinary Hospital – (970) 241-9866
Redstone Veterinary Hospital – (970) 243-3130

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