Friday, April 14, 2017

This Week in Pics

Construction on the 29.5-E.63 Bridge Replacement Project continues, on Wednesday new girders were installed. The bridge, located between Patterson Road and Orchard Ave., in Fruitvale, was built in 1964, and due to functional and structural issues, it will be completely replaced. Eighty percent of the project is funded by grant money. Road closure for the 29 1/2 Road Bridge will last until the beginning of summer 2017. Alternate routes are a half mile in either direction (29 Road or 30 Road).

A stormwater detention area was recently added to the Veterans Memorial Park, which will help alleviate flooding in downstream areas of Orchard Mesa.

Mesa County Facilities Director Greg Linza inspects the new stormwater detention pond at the Veterans Memorial Park to make sure it is operating properly.

After two and a half days of being in operation, the pond is holding one million gallons of water.

The Mesa County Animal Services temporary facility is underway. 

The temporary tent facility where animals will be housed while the Mesa County Animal Services building gets repaired is adjacent to the building.

Mesa County Surveyor Patrick Green maintains, perpetuates and interprets legal records and public information which control land boundaries, property ownership, and associated interests for the citizens of Mesa County in order to safeguard real property and promote public welfare. 

On Monday, Mesa County Public Works hosted an appreciation breakfast to recognize staff.

Public Works staff go through the breakfast line.

Mesa County Public Works managers cook breakfast to show their staff appreciation.

All the Public Works managers are busy cooking at the Employee Appreciation Breakfast.

Mesa County Public Works Office Administrator Pam Hawkins (left) prepares her breakfast burrito. 

The Board of Mesa County Commissioners presents Doug Sorter of STRiVE with the Autism Awareness Month proclamation. From left, Commissioner Scott McInnis, Doug Sorter, Commissioner Rose Pugliese, Commissioner John Justman.

Grand Junction Regional Communication Center Manager Monica Million, center, accepts the National Public Safety Telecommunicator Week from the Mesa County Commissioners.

DHS Finance, Operations and Quality Assurance Teams attend a meeting and participate in some Easter fun.

A little team building, DHS staff members Aimee Wride and Kim Manzanares try a little jump roping

Jump, Albin, jump! DHS Operations Supervisor Albin  Escamilla succeeds at team building jump rope.

DHS Administrative Specialist Julie Jones doesn't leave empty handed. 

DHS Operations assistant Jessica Branson scores several eggs from the team building egg hunt activity.

Staff members from the Department of Humans Services & Workforce Center attend a free workshop called Laughaceuticals. The workshop provides a unique and fun way to cultivate well-being in the workplace. Presenter Betty Hart, gets the staff prepared to start laughing.

DHS and Workforce Center staff members try out their “angel halos,” or in Bethany Hall's case “devil horns.”

Mary Espinoza and Milinda Stumbaugh from the Workforce Center practice their psychic ability.

Jen Hume (left) and Dyann Walt (right) face off for the Rock, Paper, Scissors Championship
Team members Bryan Conklin and Jane Hart cheer their team members on.

Mesa County Administrator Frank Whidden and Grand Junction City Manager Greg Caton present to the Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce Leadership Class about the differences and similarities between the agencies on Thursday morning.

On Thursday, Mesa County, in collaboration with the City of Grand Junction hosted a series of presentations about local government to the Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce Leadership Class. Mesa County Elected Officials and Grand Junction City Council participated in a lunch and panel Q&A.

Mesa County Public Health Director of Operations Diana Williams talks to the Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce Leadership Class about the importance of shaping a healthy community.

Mesa County Workforce Center Director Curtis Englehart gives the Grand Junction Chamber Leadership Class a tour of the Mesa County Workforce Center.

Grand Junction Leadership Class attendees review the Workforcenter's measurable goals and success stories.

Mesa County Workforce Center Youth Career Development Supervisor Garrett Morrison celebrates his birthday.
County road supervisors and employees gathered at Mesa County Road and Bridge for the North West Regional Road Supervisors meeting. Attendees represented Mesa, Rio Blanco, Summit, Garfield, Eagle, Moffatt, Grand, Routt, Pitkin, counties and Colorado State Patrol.

Colorado State Patrol attended the North West Regional Road Supervisors meeting to give info on Commercial Driver License (CDL) updates.

Mesa County Road and Bridge hosted a lunch break during the day-long meeting. Topics discussed included issues each county battles and collaborating to find solutions.

This week the Grand Junction Fire Department put on a fire extinguisher training for staff at the Mesa County Central Services Building, 200 S. Spruce St. Staff members pictured include Arna Hoffman (far left), Ginny Baughman (center) and Rose Tafoya.

Mesa County Clerk and Recorder Division Director Jackie Campbell participates in the fire extinguisher training on Thursday.

Mesa County Clerk to the Board Lori Westermire sprays the fire extinguisher.

Mesa County Clerk and Recorder Sheila Reiner participated in a fire extinguisher training to continue the Mesa County Central Services building's efforts to improve safety. The training was hosted by the Grand Junction Fire Department. 

Happy Easter!

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