Tuesday, May 16, 2017

County saves thousands by managing landfill operation in-house

The Mesa County Landfill recently underwent a change in management and operational structure to reduce costs.

In January of 2016, Mesa County Landfill started operating with its own employees rather than continuing to outsource, a move that proved beneficial.

“Bringing the operation in-house has given us more control over all aspects of the operation, including monetarily,” Mesa County Public Works Director Pete Baier said."We've saved approximately $900,000 in costs that will go into funds to find a new landfill site and to ensure that the existing one is monitored when it closes."

The cost to operate the landfill went from approximately $3,456,615 to $2,556,816.

“The Mesa County landfill offers the most comprehensive services on the Western Slope,” Baier added. “The landfill has been able to provide professional, high-quality waste management for our residents and businesses while reducing costs.”

The Mesa County Solid Waste Management Division maintains an enterprise fund that operates on fees collected for services. Taxpayer money is not used to provide services at the landfill.

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