Friday, July 7, 2017

This Week in Pics

Mesa County Road and Bridge staff help firefighters monitor and treat remaining hot spots on Wednesday morning, as follow up to the brush fire that was contained Tuesday night in the area of 31 and E ½ roads in Fruitvale.

Road and Bridge crews operate an excavator to access hot spots in hard-to-reach areas to sift through the wreckage in search of lingering hot spots in the area of 31 Road and E ½ Road after a brush fire that took place on Tuesday night burned several acres.

Cooling curtains are put up at the temporary Animal Services tent facility to help maintain a lower temperature for the pets. 

Progress at the Animal Services building continues, this week, rebar was installed for the second phase of the concrete pour. The reinforcing steel is a mesh of steel wires used as a tension device to strengthen and hold the concrete in tension.
Floor drains arrive at the Animal Services campus to be installed throughout the building, which will help to ensure sanitary conditions for animals in the facility.

The pump is ready to distribute concrete into the Animal Services building.
Concrete floors are poured at the Animal Services building proving that rehabilitation development continues on schedule.

Installation of the sanitary sewer vault on the southeast side of the Animal Services building.

Mesa County Clerk and Recorder Sheila Reiner and staff learned about election security and costs, motor vehicle registration kiosks and much more at their conference in Snowmass Village. After a day of intense learning, Colorado county clerks hiked Maroon Bells.

La Plata County Clerk Tiffany Parker, left, and Mesa County Clerk Sheila Reiner at the Colorado County Clerks Association 2017 summer conference in Snowmass Village.

Mesa County Clerk hosted the Secretary of State's Campaign Finance class at the Mesa County Central Services Building, 200 S Spruce St. The free training was open to the public. 
Mesa County Department of Human Services Information and Communication Coordinator Angeline Roles, left, and Economic Assistance and Employment Director Michelle Trujillo during a break at a recent Senior Leadership Meeting at the Workforce Center.  

Staff from the Department of Human Services, Workforce Center and Public Health prepare goodie baskets for a cookout celebrating Bike to Work Day! From left, Troy Ward, Emily Robertson, Karen Melott, Josh Kennedy, Amy Joy.
Dame's rocket is a pretty purple flower that was previously sold in wildflower seed packets. But don't be fooled by its pretty flowers, this plant is a noxious weed regulated by the state and Mesa County because it can crowd out native plants and reduce wildlife forage. Remove dame's rocket from your flower bed and receive a gift certificate to a local nursery! Details at

Alan Barbee and Stacy Wilson of Noxious Weed & Pest Management search for and dig up dame's rocket that escaped from a flower bed to open rangeland in Mesa.

Trace Levinson holds up a large diffuse knapweed plant that was removed from a field at Coon Creek estates above Mesa.

A cute bird supervises Mesa County staff nearby.

Snakes and birdies and flowers, oh my! Some of the wildlife and beauty encountered during field work around the county. A snake resting on a branch near a drainage in the Redlands.

A Mariposa Lily found north of Collbran. This flower is native to North America, and its name is Spanish for "butterfly."

Four baby birds waiting to be fed in their nest built in a backhoe used by the Road and Bridge Department in Collbran.
When you are on your way to work, and you spot a bear cub. After all, Colorado is bear country, learn more at 

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