Friday, July 21, 2017

This Week in Pics

Mesa County Commissioner Rose Pugliese, center, Alamosa County Commissioner Darius Allen, left, and Pueblo County Commissioner Terry Hart joined forces to present statewide public safety solutions to the Legislative County Courthouse and County Jail Funding and Overcrowding Solutions Interim Study Committee at the State Capitol Building on Monday.
Commissioner Rose Pugliese talks to the Legislative Interim Committee about the importance of statewide collaboration to address public safety issues that stem from the growing mental health population and drug and alcohol addiction in Colorado jails.

Commissioner Rose Pugliese, right, traveled to Denver to testify before a Legislative Interim Committee regarding courthouse and jail funding. Pugliese led a bipartisan panel of western Colorado commissioners to join efforts and work toward statewide solutions to courthouse funding and public safety issues.

Inside Mesa County class participants attend the Commissioners' public hearing to receive certificates of completion for their commitment and willingness to learn more about Mesa County.

On Monday, at public hearing Inside Mesa County class participants were recognized for their dedication in completing the 8-week course that helped them acquire a deeper knowledge of their Mesa County government. The next IMC class will be held in spring 2018, visit to register.
Mesa County Surveyor Patrick Green, Western Colorado Land Surveyors, Professional Land Surveyors of Colorado and Colorado Mesa University work collaboratively to address legislative changes that require those seeking a license as a professional land surveyor to have a four-year degree in surveying. As a result, Colorado Mesa University will offer a new course in land surveying and geomatics at Western Colorado Community College this fall. For information about the land surveying program, contact WCCC at (970) 255-2670 or visit
The exterior trench at the Mesa County Animal Services facility gets some backfill.

Construction crews begin prepping to install concrete on the outer portion of dog quarantine area.

Interior installation of floor drains continues at the Mesa County Animal Services facility.

Underground fiber-optic cable installation.

A contractor waterproofs walls and floors in the interior of the Animal Services building.

Interior crawl space on the north west side of the Animal Services building.

The new interior concrete floor at the Animal Services facility gets a moisture barrier installed.

Construction crews backfill the exterior wall of the Animal Services building.
Regional epidemiologist Tom Orr talks about the risk of salmonella and backyard flocks with Fox News' Chelsea Helms. Visit for more info!

Mesa County Public Works briefs the Board of Mesa County Commissioners on the status of various construction, road and traffic projects. As well as updates from all the divisions within Public Works.

Commissioner Scott McInnis listens attentively to budget updates from Public Works, which oversees 19 separate budgets and 15 different funds!

Mesa County Commissioner Rose Pugliese thanks the staff for the briefing and their dedication to serving the community.

The Mesa County Noxious Weed & Pest Management crew treat purple loosestrife with Colorado Parks and Wildlife at Letha Jean Stasson State Wildlife Area in the Redlands.

Trace Levinson, Stacy Wilson, Alan Barbee, Julie Knudson with Noxious Weed & Pest Management cool off in the shade after a hard day of treating purple loosestrife with CPW at Letha Jean Stasson State Wildlife Area in the Redlands.

For nearly 20 years, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Mesa County and other partners have been treating purple loosestrife along the drainages and Colorado River through town into Utah. Monitoring and retreatment are required annually to reduce seed production and work toward the elimination of this invasive plant. One purple loosestrife plant can produce several hundred thousand to a million seeds!
This summer create memories and tradition with your family at the Mesa County Fair, July 25-29! Enjoy carnival rides, fresh funnel cake and ice-cold lemonade. Visit for details.
The Fun Bunch sponsored a rubber chicken hunt for tickets to this year's Mesa County Fair. Pictured here: Kandis Fuller, Rosie Mellon, Jessica Smith, Char Moncada.
Mesa County Fairgrounds crews work hard to get the stage set at the Mahindra Arena. The Mesa County Fair is just a few days away! Embrace a 130-year-old Mesa County tradition, take your family to the fair!

The arena for barrel racing is ready!The Mesa County Fair is an annual celebration of the county, its residents, community and history. The fair creates an environment that promotes the diversity of the area and features family oriented entertainment, educational opportunities and is a showcase for local products and services. Don't miss out, purchase your tickets today at

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