Friday, September 22, 2017

Women’s community corrections facility gets a facelift

The Mesa County Criminal Justice Services Department (CJSD) is expected to move female offenders to the newly remodeled women’s community corrections facility, also known as Chipeta, by the end of the month.

The 9,100-square foot, 41-year-old, building at 436 S 7th St., has been under construction for just under a year. The much-needed renovations address plumbing issues, lack of space and safety concerns for clients and staff for less than $409k.

Other improvements included in the price tag:

• Heating and cooling system

• Fire suppression system

• Roof replacement

• Secured staff safety area with solid doors

• Increased staff security in offices with additional use of windows for better visibility

• Bathrooms—ADA accessible, commercial style toilets, Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) requirements for client safety

• Urinalysis collection bathroom—water shut off, room to complete paperwork and collection and storage process

• Bonding room for babies and moms, secure and sanitary storage for breast milk

• Pat down space to remove visibility of client pat searches from other clients view and increase emotional safety for trauma victims

• Searches are now monitored by staff security camera to meet PREA requirements which increase client and staff safety

• Residential-style kitchen for special cooking events, life skills development and family events

Chipeta houses direct sentence community corrections female offenders and female offenders transitioning out of the Department of Corrections. Clients are required to complete individualized case plans, including treatment, while also working and paying for their room and board.

Treatment services include gender-specific substance abuse therapies, cognitive behavioral classes, dual diagnosis treatment program, anger management, and budgeting, to name a few. Clients may also access services in the community for parenting, mental health, and medical needs.

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